Nancy Pelosi Predicts Election Night For Stephen Colbert: “We Will Win”

UPDATED with video: One week before the midterm elections, Stephen Colbert asked Late Show guest House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi what she’s forecasting for the big night.

“Up until today I would have said if the election was held today we would win. Now I’m saying we will win” she beamed.

“Please don’t say that!” Colbert reacted. “Do you want to say that on the Hillary fireworks barge she canceled? Please don’t say that.”

Pelosi would not be deterred. “We own the ground, we are not yielding one grain of sand,” she continued.

“Democrats will carry the House… the senate, governorships. It’s going to be a great night for America,” she added.

Responded Colbert, nervously, “I feel like I should sacrifice a goat to take the hex off what you just said.”

In an Axios interview released earlier in the day, the President had announced he will unilaterally end birthright citizenship, guaranteed in the Constitution.

Colbert asked Pelosi if Trump’s late distraction is his “October Surprise,” translating POTUS’s message: “Listen, you’ve go to stick with me. I’m the only one who is going to protect you from these scary people coming up over the border.”

“More of same,” Pelosi called it, in line with his “taking babies out of the arms of their moms and putting them in cages” and “warning about a caravan that’s over 1,000 miles away.”

“What he was saying today has no relationship to what his authority is,” she told Colbert’s crowd.

“But that, of course, is not unusual,” she added, wryly, getting a big response in the Ed Sullivan Theater.

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