Naked and Afraid of Love 's Brittany Whitmire Spills All on Dating Totally Nude

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Baring all in the name of love.

New Discovery+ reality series Naked and Afraid of Love has been dubbed Bachelor in Paradise meets Survivor, but cast member Brittany Whitmire spilled all on the naked part of it all. Eight men, eight women and 21 days on a deserted island?

"I had a lot of questions regarding the survival aspect of it," Brittany exclusively (and rightfully!) admitted during E! News' Daily Pop on Sept. 7. "I do not deem myself a survivalist. Like, I enjoy the outdoors, I go hiking, I go camping, I do that stuff, but I have my water, I have my supplies. So I was like, 'Either you guys are teaching me some things or I'm going to die out there.'"

As for baring it all on TV?

"I think my biggest hesitation was just regarding how would other people view me and would this impact my career?" Brittany revealed. "I am a HR professional so I was a little worried. I do struggle with some body image issues from time to time so I wondered how that would impact that part of me."

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In fact, Brittany was "terrified" that she was going to be bombarded by other nude cast members the second she landed on the island. Thankfully, she met one person and then gradually was acquainted with the full group.

"It wasn't as overwhelming," Brittany added, grateful to not have had strangers "hanging loose" from the get-go. "Obviously seeing naked people who you have no clue who they are...It was a lot."

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But, after a moment, she "adapted" to the new, nude environment. "It was pretty instant because when everyone else around you is in the same state, it doesn't feel abnormal," she pointed out.

Brittany continued, "I look at it as a social experiment. I think the cool thing is, you have no distractions. For the most part, you don't have anything, you don't have your cell phone, you don't have other people, per se. It eliminates the distraction which I think is really cool and it forces you to be in a very vulnerable state. You're physically vulnerable, which kind of forces you to be vulnerable emotionally as well."

And, it seems like Brittany even found love in the process!

Watch the full interview to see Brittany admit to "body scanning" some suitors.

Naked and Afraid of Love is streaming on Discovery+.