Mystery Solved: Here's Who Is Behind Jennifer Lopez In That Eyebrow-Raising Selfie

The mystery has been solved!

Jennifer Lopez fans have been in a frenzy over her Instagram selfie after spotting a man in the background of her photo. And E! News has now learned the identity of the man in question! That's right, a source tells E! News that Lopez's fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, was on a Zoom call at the exact time she was taking the now-infamous photo. So the face in Lopez's photo is actually the man who Rodriguez was on his Zoom call with.

"Their office is attached to a gym and is separated by curtains from their office space," a source close to the couple adds. "When they are doing a zoom they project it onto a big screen."

Jennifer Lopez. (E!/Instagram)
Jennifer Lopez. (E!/Instagram)

"If you look closely you can see Alex's arm in a navy blue shirt. He's sitting in front of their desk, with the big screen on it, so the image of the person you're seeing is who is on his Zoom call," the insider continues. "That man was covering his mouth with his hand."

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez: Romance Rewind

Fans went wild after Lopez posted the photo on Instagram just days ago, asking the superstar, "Who or what's behind you?"

Lopez and Rodriguez have been social distancing with their family in Florida amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

The couple had plans to tie the knot this summer, but those have officially been put on hold.

"They have been struggling for weeks over this decision, but with no return to normalcy in the near future, the couple felt postponing the wedding was the safest and smartest choice," a source recently shared with E! News. "Guests have recently been notified that the wedding will not be happening in late summer as anticipated."

The insider added that the couple planned to host their wedding in Italy and still hope to "have the wedding of their dreams" when the timing is right.