Mystery Man Risks His Life Dangerously Jumping Across Rooftop of New York High-Rise: WATCH

Mystery Man Risks His Life Dangerously Jumping Across Rooftop of New York High-Rise: WATCH

A mystery New Yorker turned into a real-life Spider-Man — and like spidey, his moves were all captured on video.

On Monday, two-time Emmy-winning film director Erik Ljung shared heart-stopping footage of the unnamed man making a daring attempt to enter the window of a New York high-rise by leaping across the rooftops' awnings.

While Ljung noted in his Instagram caption that he had no idea who the man was or why he was there, the building itself was later identified as 90 West Street, a 324-feet high, 23-story residential building in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan.

To add to the mystery, the unknown daredevil was dressed in work attire, wearing a suit and dress shoes, and can be seen in the video talking on the phone from high above the New York streets.

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"He was already hopping around from awning to awning when we first saw him," Ljung added in his post. "First from right of frame to left. Got to corner where I started filming (2nd slide), looks like he made a call and looked around for about a minute, then hopped back in the direction he came when we first saw him and then climbed in a window."

The 39-year-old also added that it was raining at the time.

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Office workers NYC
Office workers NYC


In the first clip shown by Ljung the man successfully skips across the rooftop and enters a window. The camera then zooms out to show just how high he was.

"New York City, baby," one of the filmmakers can be heard saying in response.

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In Ljung's second clip, the man's pants and jacket are clearly seen blowing in the wind, which further heightens the huge degree of risk and danger.

"That was f---ing insane, dude," said one of the men filming. A second person can then be heard adding, "I've never seen anything like that."

The video, when initially shared on Reddit, drew a mixture of responses, with some even questioning if Ljung — whose credits include Netflix's "Making a Murderer" — had staged the whole thing, per

"Def not staged," Ljung replied. "We are filming at the building across the street and we were looking out the window to see if there was gonna be any break in the clouds and saw this."