MVPs of Horror: Heidi Klum looks back at her best Halloween costumes

Maintaining the title of Queen of Halloween is something Heidi Klum takes seriously. For more than 20 years, she's been holding her annual party and arriving — via gurney, onion cart, smoke cloud or biohazard truck — in some of the most outrageous costumes. Now, Klum talks to Yahoo Entertainment and looks back at some of her best costumes, revealing the stories behind them.

Video Transcript

HEIDI KLUM: Hi, everyone. I'm Heidi Klum, and let's talk about some of my Halloween costumes right here on Yahoo.


I wanted to do something with a lot of prosthetics because I really wanted to come from a different planet and have all these tubes coming out and be like this really outerworldly person.

And also, for this year, I particularly wanted to show the craft of it all. So I set myself into a window in New York City, and people could watch me all day in the window getting ready. So I started from totally fresh face, fresh body, everything. I was sitting there, and people could see in the duration of like 14 hours, how all these prosthetic pieces were all put on me in the end.

I mean, that was also like a very claustrophobic costume just because every part of my body was covered with prosthetics and paint and whatnot. So you cannot just rip this off. You know, sometimes you have those moments where I'm like, oh, my god, what am I doing? And I'm hyperventilating, and I'm like-- [GAGGING].

So Fiona and Shrek has been a dream of mine to do for many, many years. And I never really found my Shrek. That was always the problem. You need to have a man also that is OK to go through all of that because it is a lot to go through. And my husband is kind of-- you know, he's petite. He's not like this big, buff man.

So it was like this gigantic stuff that he had on. So he was also-- he's like, oh, my god, this is boiling hot, and it's heavy. He was such a good sport. And we had to arrive in this onion cart. I mean, that was also very hard to find because it was also my dream then with my husband to drive through Manhattan with his onion cart that also Fiona and Shrek were in, in the movie. And, I mean, it all happened. It all came to life.


I love to make a performance, and I love to have like a fun entrance. So I had about 10, 15 dancers. And it took me I don't know how many weekends of lessons with them to teach me the dance, because I was like, OK, if I do the "Thriller" dance, I have to like really know how to do it. And then I just ripped my shirt off, and I had this big breast plate. You know, mine were all like tied back and squooshed. And I had this werewolf chest with hair, and I loved it.

And I also thought, you know, no one will expect for me to come as, you know, the "Thriller" werewolf. I always try and think outside of the box. So I'm always, you know, looking for unusual things. And I thought no one will expect for me to come as a werewolf, because I'm blonde, and I'm like yoo-hoo. So I thought, you know, that's just like really something very different.

As soon as I saw my big butt and boobs, they were like, oh, my gosh, she's Kim Kardashian. And then I was like, no, not quite. But then I turned into Jessica Rabbit. But I just loved because she's like the ultimate sex symbol almost. You know, everyone always talks about Jessica Rabbit because everyone goes goo-goo gaga over Jessica Rabbit. So I really wanted to be her.

And also because I had costumes where I was pregnant, when I was the apple. I was literally like, you know, nine months pregnant. I think two weeks later, I gave birth. And it was like, I have to have something that no one gets to come close to my baby and harm the baby. So I was like, it needs to be padded all the way around. So that's why I had the idea of an apple.

And then, you know, sometimes you have these ones that are kind of like funny, but then I wanted to be really sexy. So that's why I thought of Jessica Rabbit, because to me, she's like the ultimate dream for any man, I thought, you know?

I was turning 40, and people were like, oh, now you're 40. You probably, you know, should hang up your modeling gigs and stuff like that, because 40, you're already old. And I was like, old? I'm like, I'm going to show you old. So that's how I thought of you know, turning myself into an older me.

You know, some people got upset that maybe I was making fun of older people. But I was like, I was just going into my future is what I wanted to do for myself, you know? I wanted to like look in the mirror and be like, OK, I want to see, you know, what I might look like when I'm like in my 80s. You know, when you get older, you have like yellow spots in your eyes. And you know, the neck, the breasts, every knuckle on my hand, because it's all about the details.

So whenever you show skin, it needed to be aged. This is definitely one of my favorites because I just love that, you know, it was me, but just like really old version of me.

I wanted to do something different. And I had just met Bill Corso, and he is another amazing makeup artist. And he had worked on the "Planet of the Apes," and he was talking to me about how this was. And I was like, oh, my god, ding, light bulbs went on. I was like, "Planet of the"-- I was like, I want to be like that too, you know?

It was-- what I remember was like, we didn't really think about, you know, going to the bathroom, so it was very tricky. I mean, we left kind of like a zippity, zip, zip there for me. But then with all that hair, it was messy. Let's just say it was messy. It was very messy.

I had actually been on a television show with the person that did Body Works. He's an artist, and he has done, you know, these different exhibitions where basically he takes the skin off. And he shows what a human body or a horse or different animals look like when you take the skin off.

So this was always in the back of my head. I had met him and was on a show with him when I was a little bit younger. And then-- I don't know-- when you go through the years and you're like, oh, what else could I be? And I was like, oh, my god, I still remember how cool the show was, Body Works. And then I was like, I want to do that.

And then I thought it would be fun to arrive on a gurney, you know? And I came on this gurney, and I had these doctors, and they had blood on them. You know, they took the sheet off of me. And I was just laying there, and I was just milking it. I was like, I love this. This is so weird.

For the last two years, because, you know, some people were doing events, and-- I don't know-- I was always on the fence. And I don't know. I couldn't really do it. My heart always said no. So I did little horror movies for the last two years, which took even more time, to be honest with you than you know having the party and just doing one costume. I really thought so hard because after over two-year hiatus, I was like, I have to come up with something really thinking outside of the box.

And I feel like this is what's going to happen. [CHUCKLES] The theme is a little bit giving it away all. But yay. [LAUGHS]