'Muzzle' sneak peek: Good girl

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Watch an exclusive clip of Aaron Eckhart and his canine co-star in the new drama

Video Transcript

- Socks, here. Socks, [GERMAN].




Socks, [GERMAN].


Hey, Socks, come here. [GERMAN] Sit. Sit, sit. Hey, Socks, you're killing me, Socks. Look. What am I telling you that I'm not saying. Huh?


Yeah, I know I seem bitter and angry, but I'm not mad at you. No, it just, since I've been back-- it's a long story. I'll tell you some other time. Hell, I can't magically drop all my shit and be as easygoing as you, just like that. [SNAPS FINGERS]

- Hey!


- Oh.

- Yeah.

- Hey. [LAUGHS]

- There you go.


Congratulations. You flunked first grade, but you passed second and third.


- Working on another one.

- Good girl. Good girl.