Must Watch Fantasy C-Dramas: Tientsin Mystic, Ancient Detective & More

Fantasy C-dramas Tientsin Mystic and Ancient Detective
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It is needless to say that fantasy is one of the most popular genres in the world. Chinese drama makers take this to a whole new level. In C-dramas, there are several sub-genres within fantasy, wuxia, xinxia, xuanhuan etc. While some of these dramas portray the story of an immortal hero, others portray the hero in a fantasy land.

The list below will discuss some of the most popular Chinese fantasy dramas, both historical and modern, including Tientsin Mystic, Ancient Detective, etc.

1. Tientsin Mystic

This 2017 fantasy C-drama is set in the Republican era. A flood destroys the land and kills many people. Guo De You (Li Xian) is a member of the rescue team. After succeeding his mentor, he inherits special abilities. He ends up being a suspect in the murder of a rich businessman. He later joins hands with a forensic investigator and two others to unveil the truth about a dangerous cult. Besides Li Xian, the drama features Zhang Mingen, Wang Zixuan, and Chen Yumi in pivotal roles.

Tientsin Mystic is available for streaming on iQIYI.

2. Ancient Detective

This 2020 fantasy drama features Tim Yu in the main role. After his father’s murder, Jian Bu Zhi (Tim Yu), resolves to catch the mysterious murderer. He discovers a supernatural world full of fearsome entities like zombies, warlocks, and demons. He also meets allies who help him in his journey. Bu Zhi also finds love within the group. Will he be successful in his quest?

Ancient Detective is available for streaming on Viki and We TV.

3. Joy of Life

In this 2019 fantasy C-drama, Fan Xian (Zhang Ruoyun) goes on a quest to find his mother’s true identity. He also has memories from a completely different era. After an assassination almost kills him, he decides to go to the capital to gather more information about himself. There, he gets into many complications with the king and the princes. Fan Xian falls in love with Lin Wan Er (Li Qin).

Viewers can watch Joy of Life on Tencent Video and We TV.

4. Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty

In this fantasy drama Lu Ling Feng (Yang Xu Wen), general of the Jin Wu guards, investigates the mysterious cases involving disappearing brides in the city of Changan. A strange herb named black tea has also taken the city by storm. In the process, Ling Feng meets Su Wu Ming (Yang Zhi Gang) and they attempt to solve these mysteries together.

Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty is available for streaming on iQIYI.

5. Sword Snow Stride

Xu Feng Nian (Zhang Ruoyun) masters swordsmanship and becomes the king of Northern Liang. He succeeds his ancestor Xu Xiao (Hu Jun), who was a great emperor. Feng Nian constantly improves himself as a warrior and makes many allies. He plays a pivotal role in fighting during the Beimang invasion.

Sword Snow Stride is available for watching on We TV.

Other than these popular dramas, viewers can also binge on Mysterious Lotus Casebook, Word of Honor, Handsome Siblings, The Blood of Youth, Between Fairy and Devil, Ancient Love Poetry, etc.

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