You must play this $5 Switch game by sticking your Joy-Con in a real roll of toilet paper

 Give me toilet paper!
Give me toilet paper!

Sorry, Tears of the Kingdom, the true Switch game of the year just dropped: a $5 indie game where you play by sticking your Joy-Con in a real roll of toilet paper.

Give me toilet paper! just launched on the Switch eShop worldwide at a price of $5, or your regional equivalent. Basically, it's a platformer where you send a roll of toilet paper through a maze full of spinning buzzsaws, trap doors, spikes, lasers, and other obstacles. In the end, you're trying to get that toilet paper to an unfortunate businessman in desperate need of it.

The gimmick in Give me toilet paper! is that you control that roll by sticking your Joy-Con in real toilet paper. Then you grab the big sheet of cardboard that every gamer has at the ready and use it roll the paper around to move the in-game counterpart. You just need to stuff some tissues in there to keep the Joy-Con steady. All the trailers for the game seem to be in Japanese, but I think this demonstration video transcends language barriers.

Sure, a game about desperately needing toilet paper might trigger some bad memories of living through the start of a pandemic, but it is a fresh concept. I want to publicly thank GSK on Twitter for highlighting a game that I'm still not sure is built out of genius or madness.

Developer Takahiro Miyazawa is a solo indie dev who's put out a handful of Switch puzzle games prior to this, not to mention an entire library of games with bonkers control schemes. If we're kicking off a whole new genre of toilet paper games, I look forward to Miyazawa's influence crawling over the entire game industry.

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