Musings: The blue cheese miracle

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Marie Armenia
Marie Armenia

Sitting on the shelf in our refrigerator is a plastic container filled with Crumbled Blue Cheese. It is sealed very tightly because I think the smell of Blue Cheese is what Hell must smell like.

Blue cheese starts out as harmless pasteurized sheep, goat or cow’s milk. Then they add cultures of penicillium mold to the cheese. That’s the blue part. The mold. Did that register with you? Let me repeat: they make blue cheese by adding mold.

My blue cheese conundrum has a complicated twist: my husband loves blue cheese crumbles. Lots of people do. Blue cheese is very popular.

Why? I don’t know why. My husband puts blue cheese crumble in his salad, on his burgers. Why? I have no explanation. I just buy the stuff and hide it in the fridge.

Today, after lunch, I was cleaning up the kitchen and dropped the container filled with Blue Cheese Crumbles on the floor. It seemed I watched the plastic case falling in slow motion. When it landed, the cover stayed on and not a drop of blue cheese fell out. I would have smelled that blue cheese for the next 12 decades and would have put the house up for sale because of it. I don’t know how involved heaven was in keeping the blue cheese cover on the cheese, but I thanked God anyway.

It got me wondering, though, about things that God has protected me from that I have no idea He protected me from. Life has become increasingly more difficult, but God’s goodness is still surrounding us. We will never know all the things God kept from happening today and all the things He protected us from. We may take it for granted that our family got through the day and got home unscathed but can we ever know what God may have done for that to happen?

So many of us can remember and elaborate on the moments in life when we feel like God wasn’t there or didn’t care. He was. He cared. He held us through the difficult days. He got us through. We need the humility of heart to acknowledge that we simply cannot know the countless times He protected us that we didn’t notice. We will know someday.

I am thankful that a container filled with a disgusting, horrendous smell did not open all over my floor.

I am thankful for all the things I will never know about this side of heaven that did not happen today. And did not happen yesterday. And will not happen tomorrow.

“My heart is confident in you, Oh God.”

Psalm 108:1


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