Mum blogger diagnosed with terminal cancer defies odds of having breast reconstruction

A mum who was given a terminal cancer diagnosis six years ago is celebrating after undergoing breast reconstruction surgery that doctors said would NEVER happen. Heidi Loughlin, 38, was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive stage four inflammatory breast cancer while pregnant in 2015 and told to prepare for the worst. But Heidi, a former police officer who runs a world-famous blog Storm in a Tit Cup, has never given up fighting and has surpassed all medical predictions. Speaking today (Thurs) Heidi, of Portishead, Bristol, said: "When I was diagnosed, I was informed that reconstruction wasn't an option. "This is due to the nature of inflammatory breast cancer with a prognosis of two to five years and stage four patients being at the diarist end of the scale. "In short, I wasn't expected to live long enough for reconstruction. The mastectomy you have with a inflammatory breast cancer is different to the more conventional cancers we know about. I had to have all the skin, tissue and nipple removed so there is no room for an implant." For the past six years, Heidi has documented her experiences on her award-winning blog that she set up to help others like her. Filmed on 13th July 2021 .