MultiVersus is shutting down for at least six months with zero refunds


MultiVersus, the Warner Bros take on Smash Bros, is shutting down its open beta for at least six months ahead of the game's full launch in early 2024.

On April 4, MultiVersus will be removed from digital stores, and on June 25, servers will be shut down. If you've previously downloaded the free-to-play game, you'll still be able to reinstall it following the shutdown, allowing you "limited offline access to the training room (known as The Lab) and local matches."

The temporary shutdown is coming because "we know there’s still a lot of work to do," according to director Tony Huynh in the announcement blog. "As a result, we have a clearer view of what we need to focus on, specifically the content cadence of new characters, maps and modes to give you more ways to enjoy the game, along with updated netcode and more matchmaking improvements. We’ll also be reworking the progression system based on your feedback and looking at new ways for you to connect with your friends in the game."

Any content you've purchased in MultiVersus will still be there in the offline modes and when the game returns in early 2024. But the devs say that "refunds are not available as a result of the Open Beta closure."

If you didn't realize that MultiVersus was still in beta, you're not alone. The game's apparent beta status is not mentioned on any of its store pages, or on the front page of the official site. The August 2022 update that kicked off Season 1 was labeled 'v1.0'. Numerous outlets reviewed the game as if it were a proper release. Heck, it won 'best fighting game' at The Game Awards last year. In fairness to the developers, more recent patches have included the open beta branding, but it's easy to see why many players are looking at the news with cynicism.

The initial release of MultiVersus attracted millions of players, and while it has maintained a small, dedicated player base, that big explosion of interest died out. By the time of Season 2's release a few months after launch, ongoing frustration with the game's update cadence and content rollout had done its damage.

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