How Much Has Joe Alwyn Made From Taylor Swift? Find Out His Net Worth

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Joe Alwyn

Despite gaining quick fame for his relationship with ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift, British actor Joe Alwyn started his Hollywood career rather recently, in 2016. With more than a dozen credits now to his name, he’s carefully honing a reputation as an actor to watch—and slowly building the sort of modest (at least by famous-people standards) net worth that comes with it.

Here’s a look at Alwyn’s career to date and how much money he’s made as an actor—and as a songwriter on some of Swift’s albums.

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How did Joe Alwyn get his start?

Alwyn’s film and stage ambitions started from a young age. “My dad makes documentaries for a living and I’d always grown up with him showing me films and documentaries, and my mum had always taken me to the theatre, so I’ve seen a lot of it and wanted to be involved in it in some capacity,” he told Hero Magazine in 2017.

While Alwyn was attending drama school in London, he scored his breakout role—protagonist Billy Lynn in the 2016 war drama Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk.

Of the filming experience, he said, “It was amazing. Billy’s in every single scene, so it was relentless and intense, but it was also an exciting adventure.”

Does Joe Alwyn have a degree?

Alwyn has a Bachelor of Arts in English literature and drama from the University of Bristol and a Bachelor of Arts in acting from London’s Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

What is Joe Alwyn's net worth in 2024?

In 2024, Joe Alwyn has an estimated net worth of $4 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. A good portion of this can be attributed to his acting career, although he’s also credited on a handful of Taylor Swift songs and earns royalties from those.

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How much has Joe Alwyn made from Taylor Swift?

In the six years that Alwyn dated musician Taylor Swift, he embraced his own musicianship and co-wrote and co-produced songs on three of her albums. He’s credited under the name William Bowery but is open about his work with Swift, particularly on the albums Folklore and Evermore.

"It was really the most accidental thing to happen in lockdown," Alwyn said to British GQ. "It wasn't like, 'It's three o'clock, it's time to write a song!' It was just messing around on a piano and singing badly and being overheard and then thinking, you know, what if we tried to get to the end of it together?"

With his pseudonym on a total of six Taylor Swift songs, Alwyn profits anytime the songs are streamed, performed live or even featured on Swift’s worldwide Eras Tour. Life & Style recently estimated that he’s made $2.3 million from Spotify streams alone.

What songs did Joe Alwyn write?

Alwyn co-wrote six songs with Taylor Swift, including Exile and Betty from Folklore (2020); Champagne Problems, Coney Island and Evermore from Evermore (2021); and Sweet Nothing from Midnights (2023).

How much does Joe Alwyn make from Folklore?

Alwyn co-wrote and co-produced the songs Exile and Betty off Taylor Swift’s 2020 album Folklore; and he also co-produced the songs My Tears Ricochet, August, This Is Me Trying and Illicit Affairs.

While it’d be hard to calculate what he’s made off these tracks alone, Folklore is an award-winning album and he is doled out a portion of the profits anytime it’s streamed or performed live. Taylor Swift’s 100.9 million monthly listeners on Spotify speak to the fact that it’s probably a lucrative income stream for Alwyn.

How much does Joe Alwyn make in royalties?

According to Spotify's website, "exactly when and how much artists and songwriters get paid depends on their agreements with their record label or distributor—or collection societies and publishers in the case of songwriters." While the terms of Alwyn's deal isn't public knowledge, Life & Style reported that Alwyn has made about $2.3 million off Spotify streams of songs he co-wrote and co-produced with popstar Taylor Swift. This doesn’t count the money he’s made from live performances, which is bound to be substantial due to Swift’s years-long worldwide Eras Tour.

Who is the richest guy Taylor Swift has dated?

Taylor Swift has garnered quite the reputation as a serial dater over the years, although her six-year-long relationship with Alwyn seemed to quiet those rumors. Regardless, she’s dated some of Hollywood’s most eligible and richest bachelors. The richest among them is not current boyfriend, American football player Travis Kelce (net worth: $50 million)—it’s actually DJ/producer Calvin Harris, who’s worth about $300 million, per Celebrity Net Worth.

Swift and Harris dated from 2015 to 2016 and co-wrote the smash hit This Is What You Came For during that period.

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What movies has Joe Alwyn been in?

Alwyn has enjoyed success mainly as a film actor, although he’s been in a few TV shows, too, including playing a main role in the Sally Rooney adaptation Conversations with Friends (2022) for Hulu. Films he’s been in include Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk (2016), The Favourite (2018), Boy Erased (2018), Mary Queen of Scots (2018) and Harriet (2019).

Has Joe Alwyn won any awards?

Alwyn won a Grammy Award in 2021 for Album of the Year, for his work on Taylor Swift’s Folklore. He’s also won a handful of acting-related awards, including the Chopard Trophy (Male Revelation) from the Cannes Film Festival, and multiple Best Ensemble awards for his work in 2018’s The Favourite.

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