This Mrs. Doubtfire impersonation by artist Alexis Stone is so good it's eerie

Alexis Stone just brought a beloved film character back to life.

The artist and drag queen, who is known for pulling off lifelike transformations into celebrities, showed up to Balenciaga's Paris Fashion Week show looking like Mrs. Doubtfire, and the resemblance was pretty uncanny.

Stone nailed the portrayal of Robin Williams' classic character and posted a video to YouTube to show just how much work went into the transformation.

In the five-minute video, Stone gets fitted for a body suit (similar to the one Williams wore in the 1993 film), applies intricate facial prosthetics and finalizes the look with makeup, a perfectly coiffed wig and glasses.

The finishing touch for the look, of course, was a floral dress that Doubtfire would surely have loved. Stone spiced the accessories up a bit, though, and opted for metallic boots.

“Nothing screams Mrs. Doubtfire more than Balenciaga florals and we had it with a really iconic pair of chrome silver boots,” Stone told Paper Magazine. “In [creative director] Demna’s own words, Doubtfire and Balenciaga need no further explanation. Simply iconic.”

Stone captured every little detail perfectly, and onlookers outside the fashion show erupted in screams when "Mrs. Doubtfire" arrived. Naturally, the artist took a few moments to strike a pose for photographers.

In a separate Instagram video, Stone showed off a model walk on the streets of Paris.

The artist also tried out Doubtfire's voice in another short clip, and the impersonation was pretty spot-on.

As it turns out, this isn't the first time that Stone has dressed up as Mrs. Doubtfire. Last year, the artist portrayed the classic film character for a documentary, again with Balenciaga.

Stone, who has over 891,000 followers on Instagram, has shared a multitude of transformations on social media and has dressed up as everyone from Queen Elizabeth II to Miley Cyrus.