MrBeast faces new criticism, admits his humanitarian efforts might get him ‘canceled’

MrBeast is in hot water once again after posting a video in which he funds the construction of 100 wells across Africa.
MrBeast is in hot water once again after posting a video in which he funds the construction of 100 wells across Africa. | Richard Shotwell, Invision via Associated Press
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MrBeast is in hot water once again after posting a video in which he funds the construction of 100 wells across Africa.

The YouTube sensation readily admits he will “get canceled” for his philanthropic efforts, which have garnered criticism on several instances. MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, has been branded a “white savior” and called “demonic” over YouTube videos highlighting his humanitarian efforts such as funding cataracts surgery and donating shoes to schoolchildren in Africa.

Posted on Saturday, the YouTube clip shows Donaldson and his companions as they travel across Africa — hitting countries such as Zimbabwe and Kenya — funding and helping construct modern wells in villages with poor access to clean water.

“Combined, these 100 wells are going to give around half a million people fresh water to drink,” MrBeast claims in the YouTube video, “I Built 100 Wells in Africa.”

During the 10-minute video, Donaldson receives an abundance of praise and thanks from villagers he provides with a fresh water source. He is also shown constructing a bridge to safely connect a village to the hospital, donating modern school supplies such as whiteboards, projectors and computers as well as giving bikes to roughly 100 students.

“Spending time in these villages really made me reflect on the importance of wells,” Donaldson shares at the end of the clip. “How it brings water to farms to feed the hungry, how it provides clean conditions for hospitals and most importantly, how it helps the children of this next generation live long, healthy lives and build the future for all these communities.”

Almost immediately, Donaldson attracted criticism over the video.

Prominent activist Boniface Mwangi compared Donaldson’s humanitarian efforts to the Kenyan government, saying, “we are a shameful, horrible country … a begging nation governed by millionaires,” per CNN.

He continued his criticism on X, writing: “We are a shameful, horrible country. Every five years we give newly elected members of parliament, and senators a Sh5 million car grant, fuel those cars every month but we have no money to drill boreholes for our people? We are a begging nation governed by multimillionaires.”

Donaldson’s actions were praised by Kenyan journalist Ferdinand Omondi, who directed his criticism at the Kenyan government.

“What MrBeast has done for the thousands of residents who will now access clean drinking water is laudable,” Omondi wrote on X, adding, “Could you direct that anger towards your elected leaders? It’s embarrassing that a YouTuber jetted into Kenya on a charity tour to perform tasks our taxes should have completed ages ago.”

Though most the backlash was directed at the Kenyan government, MrBeast anticipated the criticism that often comes with his philanthropy-focused YouTube videos.

“I already know I’m gonna get canceled because I uploaded a video helping people, and to be 100% clear, I don’t care,” Donaldson wrote on X, hours after the video’s release.

“I’m always going to use my channel to help people and try to inspire my audience to do the same,” Donaldson tweeted the day the YouTube video got posted.

Donaldson rarely responds to his critics who accuse him of creating “charity porn” and  “exploit(ing) people for personal financial gain” — but the haters have not slowed down the YouTube star’s plans to dedicate his time and wealth to philanthropic efforts.

The 25-year-old YouTuber previously declared on X: “I promise I’m dying with 0 dollars in my bank account and I refuse to live a materialistic life.”

“I want to build other channels like beast gaming and beast reacts so I can run my main channel at a loss and grow as big as possible. And then use my main channel’s influence to one day open hundreds of homeless shelters/food banks and give away all the money,” MrBeast wrote in another tweet from 2020.


Watch MrBeast’s latest YouTube video below