Mozzy Turns Himself In to Serve One-Year Sentence for Federal Gun Charge

Image via Getty/Prince Williams
Image via Getty/Prince Williams

Rapper Mozzy has turned himself in to the police in order to serve his one-year prison sentence on a federal gun charge stemming for a 2021 traffic stop.

Per the Sacramento Update, Mozzy turned himself into police custody on Thursday, July 28. His federal gun charge stems from a traffic stop that went down in January 2021 in Culver City, California. When he was pulled over for traffic violations, authorities smelled marijuana and searched the vehicle. Upon conducting the search, they discovered a Glock 26 handgun, 16 rounds of 9mm ammunition for the gun, and a small amount of marijuana. He was arrested and later released on $35,00 bail.

“Life comes at you fast. Sometimes shit gets real and you gotta take that deal. It’ll get slimy out here. Appreciate my loved ones. Chin up, chest out. Love you the most,” Mozzy said in a statement to Complex.

His care was referred to a local U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles, and he pled guilty to the gun charge in January this year. His lawyers requested a probation sentence, citing his ties to the local Sacramento community, but the call was rejected and he was sentenced to one year in federal prison. He is currently scheduled to be released from prison on July 23, 2023.

“This case made me realize that everything I have accomplished and built can be taken away because of a single mistake or lapse in judgement,” wrote Mozzy in a letter sent to a local judge. “I once read that, ‘a stumble may prevent a fall.’ I believe this was my ‘stumble’ which will prevent me from taking a ‘fall’. I think I needed something like this to give a little more structure to my life.”

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