Moving On From Olivia Wilde And Pete Davidson, Harry Styles And Emily Ratajkowski Were Caught Making Out

 Harry Styles in As It Was music video and Emily Ratajkowski in Vogue interview.
Harry Styles in As It Was music video and Emily Ratajkowski in Vogue interview.

There are perhaps no two celebrities hotter right now than Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski, especially when it comes to speculation about their dating lives. Rumors have circulated about the former One Direction member since his breakup from Don’t Worry Darling co-star Olivia Wilde in November, and he’s since been linked to former flames, including Kendall Jenner. Emily Ratajkowski, meanwhile, has been connected to several men — including Pete Davidson, after his breakup with Kim Kardashian — since her marriage to Sebastian Bear-McClard ended last September. It looks like we can stop all guesswork, because these two eligible singles were caught this weekend, making out with each other.

Grammy Album of the Year winner Harry Styles and EmRata were caught on video (obtained by the Daily Mail) dancing, kissing in the rain and getting a little handsy outside of a nightclub in Tokyo, where Styles was in town performing his Love on Tour concert.

The two were seen standing outside of a vehicle on the streets of Japan, and they didn’t appear to be concerned with onlookers, as the video showed them kissing passionately and appearing to have a good time, with Emily Ratajkowski breaking into a dance and Harry Styles moving along with her.

There’s no word on how serious the situation is between the celebs, but a source told the Mirror in February that there was a new woman in Harry Styles’ life, alleging:

Harry is seeing someone. He’s going to great lengths to keep her identity quiet after the circus surrounding his relationship with Olivia. But his close circles all know about the romance. Though it’s early days, things seem to be going well.

If those comments were in reference to Emily Ratajkowski, maybe things have progressed with the perceived couple, because there seemed to be no effort to hide either of their identities outside of that nightclub! Either way, the makeout sesh does seem to signal that both have moved on from their previous high-profile relationships.

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde dated for nearly two years after meeting on the set of Don’t Worry Darling, whose production was rife with behind-the-scenes drama that included an alleged feud between Wilde and Florence Pugh, and, of course, the “spitgate” situation between Styles and Chris Pine. Though Styles and Wilde broke up in November, there is reportedly no animosity between the two, and sources say they remain good friends.

EmRata, who was stunning in a see-through dress at Vanity Fair’s Oscars party, has spoken openly about dating post-divorce and how she thinks she attracts the “worst men.” Despite joining the dating apps, Ratajkowski hasn’t seemed to have too many problems finding people to spend time with. The model was spotted with Pete Davidson in the months following the end of his relationship with Kim Kardashian, and before that she was rumored to be dating Brad Pitt. More recently she was connected to comedian Eric André, but their “situationship” was short-lived, despite what looked like a fun Valentine’s Day of naked day-drinking.

Are Hollywood’s hottest singles now Hollywood’s hottest couple? Hopefully we’ll get some more clarity on Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski’s relationship status soon, but in the meantime, fans of the former boybander can see him in Don’t Worry Darling, which is available for streaming with an HBO Max subscription.