MoviePass Adds Online Ticketing Support, Other Features Planned

MoviePass Adds Online Ticketing Support, Other Features Planned
MoviePass Adds Online Ticketing Support, Other Features Planned

MoviePass announced on Wednesday that the company will add several new features to its services. This includes allowing users to buy movie tickets online, among other things.

Beginning today, users will be able to use their card information in the MoviePass app to buy same-day tickets online on any ticketing platform. According to MoviePass, this has been the most requested feature from the MoviePass community, as prior to this, users had to go to the box office and use their MoviePass card to buy tickets.

Speaking of the MoviePass card, the company also announced on Wednesday that it will retire its iconic card. Now, users will instead have a virtual card inside of the MoviePass app, which can be “unlocked” to use to either buy tickets online or in person at a theater. Another new feature added to the service is the ability to buy more credits — the currency that MoviePass now uses to let users buy tickets — if they run out in that month.

“MoviePass continues to add innovative features to our service to improve the overall experience for our members,” said Stacy Spikes, MoviePass Co-Founder and CEO. “We are listening to what our community wants and today’s announcement is just the beginning. We have plans to introduce even more upgrades by the end of this year.”

More features set to be added by the end of 2023

MoviePass also announced more upgrades that are set to be coming by the end of 2023, including the ability to gift bundles of subscriptions to friends, the ability to buy tickets to premium format films, and a friend referral program. The latter would reward users with a free month of the service for every friend they refer that signs up.

Originally founded in 2011, MoviePass allowed users to check into a movie and showtime, then purchase a ticket using a debit card that was pre-loaded with the funds of the ticket.

The service quickly became a massive success following its launch, changing the movie landscape in terms of ticketing and paving the way for other theater chains to later introduce their own subscription ticketing services. The service ran into financial issues by 2018, however, and was shut down in 2020 after its parent company filed for bankruptcy.

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