Proof That Nicolas Cage's Wardrobe Resembles a Skittle's Package

Nicolas Cage and Vanessa Hudgens attend the Ischia Global Fim Festival
At the premiere of Cage's upcoming film "The Frozen Ground" in Ischia, Italy, over the weekend, the actor arrived in a bright pink suit (seen here standing alongside his co-star Vanessa Hudgens). Perhaps this was an attempt to adapt formal wear to the heat of summer. Whatever the reason for the salmon-colored getup, we're left wondering if he showed his stylist a bottle of Pepto-Bismol for inspiration. (Splash News)

When it comes to wearing color, Nicolas Cage is truly fearless. In fact, the actor doesn’t even shy away from bright candy hues. From pink salmons to sea foam teals, here’s a look at Cage's rainbow of a wardrobe.          — Written by Tiara Chiaramonte