Move over, Jim Carrey: Rosie O'Donnell has sold 91 anti-Trump paintings

There are hundreds of celebrities who have something negative to say about Donald Trump, but truly few of them have been as persistent and vitriolic as Rosie O’Donnell, who’s feuded with him for more than a decade now. The actress/activist now has a new avenue for her ire: anti-Trump artwork, which she’s selling to the public on Etsy.

O’Donnell explains on her Etsy account that she began working on the vivid, unflattering portraits several months ago by doodling on her iPhone. “Sadness, rage and disappointment flowed out my finger,” she writes.

Rosie O’Donnell and her artwork. (Photo: IEtsy/ROSIEOart)
Rosie O’Donnell and her artwork. (Photo: IEtsy/ROSIEOart)

The images were transferred to aluminum and sold in small batches, with O’Donnell adding new ones each time a run sold out. She vows she won’t stop making the art until Trump is out of office.

As of posting time, O’Donnell has four paintings up for sale on Etsy: The Moron, Lunatic Trump, It’s Over, and Too Bad Trump. They range in price from $125 to 150. The history of her sales on the account shows fans have purchased a total of 91 portraits.

“When this happened — the Trump thing — I was so enraged every time I saw his image, I thought, ‘I’ve got to f***ing do something with that,’” the 56-year-old actress told the Daily Beast.

“I’m not trying to raise money specifically. I’m trying to, like, get it out of me,” she added.

Another sample of O’Donnell’s work. (Photo: Etsy/ROSIEOart)
Another sample of O’Donnell’s work. (Photo: Etsy/ROSIEOart)

That said, O’Donnell notes on her account that all proceeds from the artwork will go to charity — and specifically charities that Trump “hates.”

O’Donnell’s paintings can take their place next to Jim Carrey’s similar acerbic artwork. He recently made waves for tweeting out his unflattering portrait of the president, as well as one of White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.

O’Donnell’s nasty history with Trump precedes his presidency, going as far back as 2006, when she mocked him as a co-host on The View. The incident spiraled into a two-way barrage of public below-the-belt insults, which obviously haven’t been put to rest yet.

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