Mount Paran Christian School celebrates God's Diversity with Biennial Culture Fest

Nov. 16—On Nov. 3, Mount Paran Christian School hosted Culture Fest, a biennial international celebration of God's diverse creation.

Culture Fest is a time for the school community to gather together to fellowship as the body of Christ, while also celebrating the unique ways in which God has made each individual.

The immersive evening featured food, music, art, cultural traditions and activities from around the globe as attendees celebrated the many cultures represented by the MPCS community. Students received "passports" to travel the world and learn about nearly 20 different cultures, including Belgium, China, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, England, France, Greece, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Scotland, Sweden, Thailand and Venezuela.

In addition to the experiential "trip around the world", other activities for children included crafts, such as making an African hat or a sombrero or building a maraca or Chinese drum, as well as a photo booth and live bagpipes performances. Families offered cuisine samples to taste the flavors of authentic dishes.

Event organizer and MPCS Director of Diversity and Belonging Catina Taliaferro shared that host families were excited to share their culture and that those in attendance were eager to receive. Many students expressed how much they had learned and that they had the best time.