Motocross Star Jayden ‘Jayo’ Archer Dies At 27 During Stunt Practice

Instagram | Jayden 'Jayo' Archer
Instagram | Jayden 'Jayo' Archer
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Motocross star Jayden "Jayo" Archer, known for pioneering the triple backflip, tragically died at 27 after a practice crash in Australia.

Following his passing, Nitro Circus hailed him as a symbol of passion and determination, and fans recalled Archer's inspirational ethos and personal impact, reflecting on his motto: "Not here for a long time, here for a good time."

Motocross Star Jayden 'Jayo' Archer Dies During Practice


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Motocross superstar Jayden "Jayo" Archer tragically passed away this week following a crash during practice sessions for an upcoming event in Australia.

At only 27 years old, Archer is celebrated for his daring feats in the X Games arena. As the pioneer of the triple backflip in competitive motocross, his untimely departure has sent shockwaves through the action sports community.

Before his tragic demise, Archer was reportedly attempting to refine his signature aerial maneuver during training drills in Melbourne when the unfortunate accident occurred, leading to the loss of control over his bike.

Travis Pastrana, co-founder of Nitro Circus, expressed his devastation over Archer's death in a statement to ESPN. Reflecting on his indomitable spirit and unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of his sport, Pastrana remarked, "This really hit home."

He continued: "Jayo grew up in a time when action sports was at its biggest, and he always wanted to do the big stuff like the double and the triple, even though there weren't a lot of places to showcase those bigger tricks."

"He was a great human first," Pastrana added, "a hard worker second and a bad motherf------ third."

Jayden 'Jayo' Archer's Journey At The Nitro Circus Collective


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Archer, a distinguished member of the esteemed Nitro Circus collective, first began racing for the Nitro Circus as a teenager. However, it wasn't until 2022 that he truly made his mark on the national stage, captivating audiences worldwide. He conquered the triple backflip at the Nitro World Games in Australia.

Following his iconic stunt, the motocross legend seized the moment and proposed to his girlfriend, marking the beginning of a new chapter as they were reportedly set to get married this year.

Celebrating Archer's legacy, Nitro Circus took to Instagram to commemorate his unparalleled dedication, describing him as the "epitome of passion, hard work & determination."

"He pushed what was possible on a dirt bike to heights never seen before. A positive influence to those around him. And above all else, a great human being and friend to us all," the caption noted.

As the community mourns his loss, Nitro Circus also extended heartfelt condolences to Archer's family and friends, adding: "Sending our thoughts and love to Jayo's family and friends. We love you, mate."

"Ride in peace," they bid farewell.

Fans Reflect On His Motto: 'Not Here For A Long Time, Here For A Good Time'


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In the comments, fans sent their condolences and sympathized with the family of the late motocross star.

One fan reflected on Archer's indomitable spirit, recalling his motto of living life to the fullest. They wrote: "Just watched videos of him doing triple flips first go of the day, and he said, "not here for a long time, here for a good time." How true is that."

Another shared a heartfelt memory of encountering the late star, reminiscing about their interactions during a riding clinic, recounting: "Met him twice, had the pleasure of getting coached by him at a riding clinic with Oates Mx. I wasn't the fastest kid there by a long shot, but he made me feel like I was kicking ass with his encouragement and pointers. Rest in peace, legend; you're going to be missed by many."

"Jay's bigger-than-life spirit will be fueling me this year. Sending loving vibes to Everyone who knew him!" a third user commented.

A fourth acknowledged Archer's remarkable legacy, noting: "Tough news. He really became a legend. Rest easy, and condolences to his family."