‘Mother/Android’ Trailer: Chloë Grace Moretz Fights an AI Apocalypse in Hulu Original Film

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The fight for human survival at the end of the world clashes against an uprising of artificial intelligence in the upcoming Hulu original film, “Mother/Android.” The science-fiction thriller is written and directed by Mattson Tomlin, making his directorial debut after writing other near-future dystopian tales including the romance “Little Fish” and the Netflix action hit “Project Power.” The film stars Chloë Grace Moretz (last seen as a World War II pilot in “Shadow in the Cloud”) and Algee Smith (of “Euphoria” and “The Hate U Give”). Below, watch the trailer for the film below, which drops on Hulu’s streaming platform December 17.

Here’s the official synopsis courtesy of Hulu: “Set in the near future, “Mother/Android” follows Georgia (Chloë Grace Moretz) and her boyfriend Sam (Algee Smith) through their treacherous journey of escape as their country is caught in an unexpected war with artificial intelligence. Days away from the arrival of their first child, they must face No Man’s Land — a stronghold of the android uprising, in hopes of reaching safety before giving birth.”

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Mattson Tomlin is also among the credited screenwriters on Warner Bros.’ upcoming DC tentpole “The Batman.” That film’s director, “War of the Planet of the Apes” helmer Matt Reeves, also serves as producer on “Mother/Android.” Also starring in the film is “Looking” breakout Raúl Castillo.

Last year, Tomlin spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about his fast rise into a directing career after studying at AFI and working as a screenwriter. “When you go through film school, you have these heroes. And you are kind of like, ‘Oh I want to make films like David Fincher. I want to make films like Paul Thomas Anderson. I want to make films like Ava DuVernay.’ You have those people,” he said. “And then there comes this point where you realize that following in their path, all you are going to be doing is copying them in this way that isn’t going to make for great art, because it’s not true. Those people are so good because they know how to use their own voices. I think that for me, one of the wonderful things about detouring from directing and having this crazy writing career that I’ve had so far, is it’s really allowed me to find my voice on the page and get to the point where people can read scripts that are wildly different genres and still go, ‘There’s something about this that feels Mattson Tomlin.’ That’s the highest compliment that someone can give me right now.”

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