The Most Ridiculous Things About Tom Sandoval’s New York Times Interview

Tom Sandoval
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It is incredible how an ego can get so out of control, as is the case with Tom Sandoval acting like he is the second coming of Christ during a recent interview in the New York Times Magazine. Below are just a few of the main points from the article that have left us all shocked but not surprised.

There is plenty to digest between the Vanderpump Rules star noting he has not scripted a thing about Scandoval and revealing that Rachel Leviss no longer wants him, but her dismissal is still messing with him. I read the entire article, so you don’t have to, don’t worry about thanking me.

Tom Compares Himself To O.J. and George Floyd

Let’s make one thing clear: Tom is in no way the face of a movement or a political activist. He is also not a former pro baller who took the country on an hours-long chase through Las Angeles after allegedly killing his wife, even though he was later found not guilty. Yet during this interview, Tom had the “ordactiy” to compare himself and Scandoval to O.J. Simpson and George Floyd. The Vanderpump Rules star was asked a simple question about why he thought the scandal had gotten so big. I dare say the columnist was taken aback by Tom’s absurd answer.

Tom replied, “I’m not a pop-culture historian, really, but I witnessed the O.J. Simpson thing and George Floyd and all these big things, which is really weird to compare this to that, I think, but do you think in a weird way it’s a little bit the same?”

No, Tom. I don’t think any part of you consciously choosing to have an affair is like O.J’.s iconic car chase or the tragic murder of George Floyd. It might be weird to be an infamous icon among reality TV viewers. However, that doesn’t mean Sandoval had a true impact on society. There must have been better comparisons for him to make.

Tom’s Delusions Run Deep

Bravo put Tom on pause from speaking to the interviewer after his George Floyd comments for a few days. But upon return, Sandoval’s delusions seemed to be deeper, especially when it came to the reasons why he moved to Los Angeles in the first place.

According to Sandy, he just loved to “pretend,” which is pretty ironic because that is how he currently lives his life now—pretending he is an A-list star when he is C-list at best. Tom claimed he had “a versatile look because I could do this, like, ‘Daddy doesn’t love me’ emo look, and I could do a more slicked-back look.” Sure, Tom, keep telling yourself that.

Tom’s Reality is Questionable

So, who is Sandoval living for? It certainly isn’t for himself in a traditional sense. I would deduce that Tom is living for the reality he has created for himself. The New York Times Magazine profile alleged that Tom couldn’t seem to grasp the parts of his everyday life that are real and the made-for T.V. moments.

He urged the recorder to be turned on on more than one occasion. Tom will also call Bravo producers to “ask how quickly they could have cameras” near him to film his conversations with Tom Schwartz. This form of hyperreality is clearly damaging to Tom and his co-stars.

Tom is Already Apologizing

The worm with a mustache is already apologizing for his outlandish comments. He took to his Instagram Story to share, “My intentions, beings the comments I make in the New York Times Magazine, were to explain the level of national media attention my affair receives. The comparison was inappropriate and ignorant. I’m incredibly sorry and embarrassed.” Could this be the moment Tom is canceled?

Everything he thought Scandoval would bring him has stalled because brands now don’t want to be associated with a cheater. Tom was hoping this winter that he would have had a residence with Chippendales in Las Vegas because, according to him, “I’m in really good shape right now.” According to Tom, “Everybody won on this. The cast, the execs, the network — everybody made so much money. But I try to put it on myself, to make the best opportunity out of it that I can.” instead Tom has put his foot in his mouth again thanks to his honest interview, and I look forward to seeing how he recovers from it.


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