More of the Most Iconic Moments from the Renaissance Tour

Photo: Kevin Mazur / Contributor (Getty Images)

Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour has been a success and continues to get better and better with each city. There have been emotional moments, funny moments, shady exchanges, and so much more this summer on the tour! Here are the times that the tour tapped into every one of our emotions!

Mayor Bey


On August 30 Beyoncé was given the honorary title of mayor of Santa Clara, the same day she performed in the city for the tour! She was also gifted a key to the city. She stopped her concert to celebrate saying, “You know today is special because today I am the mayor. I am so honored, thank you.”

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Photo: Kevin Mazur / Contributor (Getty Images)

DJ Khaled posted a video on social media to announce that he got a call from Beyoncé to open up her two September shows in Los Angeles, California. This is a huge deal as Beyoncé has been her own opener for the entire tour. LA fans, you got lucky!

Atlanta winning the “Everybody on mute” challenge


In one of the songs that are performed on the tour, “ENERGY”, there is a line about everybody “on mute.” During the tour, cities will try to stay quiet to win the challenge. Previously Washington DC was crowned the winner, but not anymore! The first night of the Atlanta stop of the tour was so quiet that the queen yelled out “Y’all won, y’all won!”

Supporting the transgender community


At the end of the Boston show on the Renaissance Tour, Beyoncé flew threw the air and read fan signs! One of the most special moments was trans drag artist Candace Persuasian raised her sign that read “Trans is beautiful.” Bey read the sign aloud, supporting the community!

Blue Ivy Performing


Blue Ivy stepped on stage with her mama for the first time on the Renaissance stage on May 26 in Paris, France! Fans were surprised to see the 11-year-old and she continued to dance at shows throughout Europe and North America!

Beyonce Reveals Bee Outfit


Queen Bey took one of her nicknames to heart and has stepped out in several shows for the song “AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM” wearing this theatrical bee costume!

Celebrities in Club Renaissance

There are many Black celebs that have traveled to Europe and throughout the U.S. to see Bey: Laverne Cox, Kelly Rowland, The Kodjoe family, Megan Thee Stallion, Lenny Kravitz, VP Kamala Harris, Daniel Kaluuya, Tyler Perry, Lori Harvey and Damson Idris, Naomi Campbell, and many more. As there are several shows left on the tour we can expect to see others posting their fun nights at the concerts!


Photo: Kevin Mazur / Contributor (Getty Images)

The highly anticipated Barbie (2023) movie was released in theaters while Bey was on tour, and funnily she wore a multitude of pink outfits during the premiere week! Coincidence?

“Say My Naaaaaaaame”


If you’re a part of the BeyHive then you’re familiar with one of Beyoncé’s famed fan moments. Years ago she allowed one of her fans, Anthony Cosby Hyphen Knowles, to talk on the mic and he sang a bit of “Say My Name” with a hilarious vibrato. On this tour at the Charlotte, North Carolina stop, she jokingly sang the song the same way he did!


Have you watched Donald Glover’s Swarm? Well, it looks like Beyoncé did! The show is speculated to be criticism and a parody of the infamous BeyHive, following a fan who becomes violent when people don’t like her favorite artist. At one of her shows, she said, “Swarm on these hands!”

A girl finds out her “man” is on tour


Sabrina Michelle on Tiktok claims that she was sent a video from one of the concerts and it turns out she is a childhood friend of one of Bey’s dancers! She did clear up that he is not her lover, but it’s still pretty cool that she knows somebody who has the honor of working with Bey!

Amari Marshall


Amari Marshall has become of the most popular dancers on the tour! Marshall is a curvy dancer, and the first to ever dance alongside Bey. She is also considered Blue Ivy’s “stage momma” by Tina Lawson!

Moment of silence

Unfortunately, during the European leg of the tour, Amari’s brother unfortunately passed away. She performed on the same day as the announcement of his death, and the other dancers held an emotional moment of silence during the concert. Beyoncé also dedicated the performance to him.

Providing public transportation to attendees

Photo: Kevin Mazur / Contributor (Getty Images)

Beyoncé paid $100k to have the Washington DC metro run an hour later after the concert due to a two-hour delay from severe weather!

Love on Top

“Love on Top” has been a fan favorite on the tour! Beyoncé has even pointed the mic to the audience to sing along! Y’all better sing on pitch!

Shoutout to Tina!


Tina Lawson filed for divorce from Richard Lawson on July 26, and Beyoncé shouted out her mother funnily during the song “Savage!” Tina was married to him for eight years.

Les Twins


The Les Twins have been performing with Bey for years and this tour is no exception! The “CUFF IT” singer went as far as to call them her “first twins” before her birthed twins, Rumi and Sir.

Everybody on mute


In the song “ENERGY” there is a lyric that the room goes “on mute”, and that line has sparked a challenge amongst the cities! Bey will gesture for everybody to go silent, but sometime people will still sing along or scream, ruining the moment. Washington DC has been crowned as the winner so far, but maybe they’ll be dethroned!

Badu, Badu!


Erykah Badu posted on Instagram suggesting that Beyoncé has been copying her hat style while on tour. Interestingly, it seems that Bey has respect for Badu as her name is mentioned in the “Break My Soul” remix. After Badu posted that, Bey shadily yelled Badu’s name three times on stage during the performance. Is there beef?

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