Most dog owners report being a 'helicopter parent' when it comes to their pup

Six in 10 dog owners admit they care about their pet so much, they consider themselves "helicopter parents." A survey of 2,000 American dog owners found a staggering 91% pay close attention to what their dog needs, with 89% worrying about their comfort as the seasons change. In order to protect their pup from harsher weather, dog owners are most likely to buy them a sweater (46%), winter coat (40%) or rain jacket (37%). Seventy percent have even made major changes to their lifestyles for their pets. Pet parents have started exercising more (39%) buying pet-friendly furniture (31%) and moving to pet-friendly buildings (26%). More than four in five (87%) treat their dog as a valued member of their family and three in four insist their pup knows how spoiled they are. Commissioned by NOW FRESH, part of the Petcurean family, and conducted by OnePoll, the study revealed pet care really shines when it comes to food. Nearly nine in 10 (87%) said that what their dog eats is very important to them.