The Most Bonkers Moments in ‘The Morning Show’ Season 3 (So Far)

Much like the immortal meme of Marie Kondo, I too love mess.

Ms. Kondo was a particular fan of messes she or others could clean up and cull down to manageable levels, and I suppose the same is true for my and the IndieWire TV team’s love of on-screen mess. There is a special recipe for lovable TV trainwreck which doesn’t include behind-the-scenes discomfort and drama, turgid storytelling, or unwatchable performances. The best bonkers TV should exist precisely on the border between pure satire and melodrama; it should be eminently watchable even at its worst — and its worst should also somehow be its best.

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And, in the case of Apple’s “The Morning Show,” megawatt star power is a must.

The star-studded drama is back for its third season, more unhinged and senseless than ever before. And this is a good thing. “The Morning Show” was at its worst (worst-worst, not best-worst) when it tripped over itself to comment on societal ills and tenuous power dynamics — when it deemed itself the vehicle through which America and the world should (re) experience the months leading up to March 2020, or when it ousted a sexual predator only to walk back and wonder why everyone was so mean to him.

In Season 3, there is no higher purpose, moral compass, or heavy-handed message. This time around, “The Morning Show” is here to do what it does best: Deliver outrageous storylines and Cory Ellison (Billy Crudup) dialogue, and batshit drama from people who don’t behave like any human being ever would. It’s never been better (worse), and we can’t get enough.

IndieWire went into Season 3 expecting only mess, and as such we have compiled a list of the most insane things to happen in Season 3 — so far.

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