'Morning Joe' rips 'not credible' Stormy Daniels after '60 Minutes' interview (video)

Jon Levine

“Morning Joe” regulars were roundly unimpressed by Stormy Daniels’ big interview on “60 Minutes,” blasting just about everyone involved for overhyping the contents — including Daniels, whose credibility was called into question.

“The fact is Stormy Daniels is not credible,” law professor and “Morning Joe” mainstay Jonathan Turley said. “She’s signed false statements. That doesn’t mean that what she’s saying is not true.”

Turley, of course, was making reference to the the three statements that the adult-film star signed over the years saying she didn’t have a sexual relationship with Donald Trump, a subject that came up during her interview with “60 Minutes” correspondent Anderson Cooper.

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Show co-host Joe Scarborough shared Turley’s disdain, pointing a particular finger at Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti for overhyping what the interview would reveal.

“He overpromised, he sent out tweets with pictures of a CD-ROM suggesting some big explosion,” he said. “He told us two weeks ago that she was threatened with assault and we would find out more on ’60 Minutes’ when in fact we found out nothing new.”

Scarborough then concluded: “We still don’t really know what Stormy Daniels wants and why she wants it, other than a big payday.”

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On “Morning Joe” earlier this month, Avenatti had teased that the interview would reveal that someone from Team Trump had threatened physical violence against his client. As Scarborough said, that too was largely a bust as Daniels did not offer any specifics about who the anonymous assailant was.

Scarborough and Turley agreed that Cooper’s performance was also plagued by a striking and suspicious lack of critical follow-up questions.

“You wonder if they had some deal before the interview,” said Scarborough ominously.

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