Morgan Amps has teamed up with legendary luthier Grover Jackson (yes, that one) on a new high-end guitar line

 Grover Jackson and Morgan Electrics’s Joe Morgan
Grover Jackson and Morgan Electrics’s Joe Morgan
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Joe Morgan, founder of Morgan Amps, has commissioned Grover Jackson to produce a new line of electric guitar builds, under the banner of Morgan Electrics.

Jackson is quite literally a ‘a name’ in the guitar industry. He played a key role in establishing Charvel in the ’70s and ’80s and he founded Jackson Guitars – working with the likes of Randy Rhoads in the process. Jackson sold both companies in 1989 and they have since been scooped up by Fender.

Morgan says the collaboration came about when he heard Jackson had moved to his home state, Tennessee.

Morgan Electrics MVS
Morgan Electrics MVS

“I know a lot about guitar amplifiers and I love building guitar amplifiers. The thing I don't know how to do is build a guitar,” explains Morgan.

“But I do know what I like in a guitar. I know I want vintage radius up at the nut, but I want playability by the time I get to the 12th fret. So I can say things like ‘compound radius’, but do I know how to do that? Absolutely not.

“When I found out that Grover had moved to Tennessee and was building guitars again, I just jumped at the chance. So I called up Grover and said, ‘Can you build me some guitars that do this?’’

The conversation reportedly flowed and the two agreed on an initial run of 20 instruments, which are now available to order. Morgan has founded the new firm with his brother, Noel, while Jackson’s involvement seems to start and finish with the production of the instruments.

“Grover’s knocked it out of the park,” says Morgan. “He’s made a truly vintage-feeling guitar for me that doesn’t cost $20,000. Hell, it doesn’t even cost as much as the Fender Custom Shop stuff, but I would put it up against any of the Custom Shop stuff I own. It is just an absolutely beautiful guitar that plays like a dream.”

You can see R.J. Ronquiilo giving one of the new MVS Pro models an outing in this Morgan Amp demo clip (from about 4.06)...

The line of classic Fender-inspired S- and T-style guitars are all priced at $2,899 and are based around vintage specs in terms of tonewoods, drawing on ash and alder bodies, with rosewood and maple fretboards. Pickups are reportedly made to vintage specs, too and the builds all feature Gotoh hardware and nitrocellulose finishes.

Modern appointments, meanwhile, come mainly in the form of 7.25-9.5” compound radius fretboards and spoke wheel adjustable trussrods.

Morgan Electrics MVT
Morgan Electrics MVT

It’s a compelling offering and, at that price – for a handmade US instrument, overseen by someone of Jackson’s reputation – appears to offer excellent value. Expect the first run to disappear quickly.

“I’m really excited and super impressed,” says Morgan. “This is the first run of 20 and, hopefully, we’ll see a lot more.”

For more information, head to the Morgan Electrics site.