Will More NCIS: LA Stars Crossover To Other Shows?

 ncis los angeles ll cool j medalion rahimi daniela ruah
ncis los angeles ll cool j medalion rahimi daniela ruah

Updated with video.

NCIS: Los Angeles wrapped up its series after 14 seasons, and while it seemed like it would at least be a while until fans were reunited with the characters if at all, that was not the case for Special Agent Sam Hanna. LL Cool J’s fan-favorite character made the jump to NCIS: Hawai’i just a day after the NCIS: LA finale aired. It was then announced that he’d be a recurring guest in the spin-off’s upcoming third season.  Yet, does this mean fans could expect more of the OSP team to crossover into Hawai’i or the flagship series?

While NCIS: LA did just end, fans are likely already missing the characters, and LL Cool J’s surprise appearance on NCIS: Hawai’i may be giving the fandom hope in seeing more NCIS: Los Angeles characters still. Executive producer R. Scott Gemmill tells TV Insider that it is a future possibility, noting,

I think that’s very possible. Since we have done a crossover, some of the characters have appeared on the other shows, so it’s quite possible that they end up making appearances there. That’s sort of, at this point, a decision beyond my capability.

NCIS: LA was able to be part of the big three-way NCIS crossover earlier this year, and it was the first time the franchise has had a three-way crossover. It was a long time coming, and I'm glad it happened before one of the shows ended. Now, while Gemmill doesn't make the decisions on the sister shows, it sounds like there’s a very high possibility that a crossover of sorts involving the OSP team could still happen, and Sam Hanna won’t be the only one to appear on another NCIS show. We'll have to wait and see.

Even if fans don’t get more NCIS: LA characters showing up in DC or Honolulu, with LL Cool J joining Tennant’s team now and again next season, there’s the chance there will at least be some updates about other members of the cast coming from Special Agent Hanna. The series finale of NCIS: LA revealed that Kensi and Deeks are expecting, and since they won’t be able to show the two welcoming their new bundle of joy, any and all updates from Sam would be greatly appreciated.

Since Sam was previously in Morocco with Callen for a mission, it’s also possible that Chris O’Donnell could make an appearance, but obviously, nothing is set in stone yet. I hear there's a writers strike going on, so we may not hear about any other cast members popping up any time soon.

Ahead of the NCIS: LA finale, LL Cool J revealed the props he took from the set, including Sam’s vest, some of his shirts, and even one of Callen’s shirts, plus some knick-knacks from the boatshed. Leaving a role that has been part of you for over a decade is not easy for both the actor and the fans, so it’s going to be exciting to see what will happen in the upcoming season of NCIS: Hawai’i and how Sam will fit into it all.

The third season of NCIS: Hawai’i will continue to be part of the 2023 TV schedule this fall when it premieres on CBS. In the meantime, however, all episodes are streaming for those with a Paramount+ subscription, so fans will be able to keep occupied for quite some time until the franchise returns in the fall, albeit without the OSP team in full.