More Halloween! Horror Franchise Reboot Turns Into Trilogy with New Movie Out in October

Jamie Lee Curtis isn’t leaving the Halloween franchise behind anytime soon.

The actor announced today there would be not one, but two sequels to the horror remake she starred in last year.

Posting a teaser for both to her Instagram, Curtis, 60, wrote, “‘It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.’ Well, my friends and fans….I’m just WARMING UP🔥🔪 Happy Halloween 🎃2020/2021.”

According to the clip, Halloween Kills will come out Oct. 16, 2020, while Halloween Ends is out Oct. 15, 2021.

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The storyline follows serial killer Michael Myers as he follows Curtis’ character Laurie Strode and attempts to kill her. The clip Curtis posted teases that “the saga of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode isn’t over,” atop footage of a burning house.

The 2018 remake, which Curtis also executive produced, set a record for the largest opening for a horror film with a female lead with $78 million domestically.

Curtis celebrated the accomplishment on Instagram, writing, “Couldn’t be prouder of ALL who made this creative experiment have such a thrilling result!”

Curtis began her acting career with the original 1978 horror film, along with three of its original sequels: Halloween II, Halloween III: Season of the Witch and Halloween H20: 20 Years Later.

In a cover story last year, Curtis told PEOPLE despite acting in a famed horror series, she can’t handle scary movies herself.

“I don’t understand why people like these movies,” she said. “I don’t like being scared! I’m the girl who watches movies under a blanket, and I cover my face.”