Moonage Daydream (teaser)

Told through sublime, kaleidoscopic imagery, personal archived footage, unseen performances, and anchored by David Bowie’s own music and words, 'Moonage Daydream' invites audiences to immerse themselves in the unique world that is Bowie. Written, directed and edited by Brett Morgen.

Video Transcript

- Questions have arisen such as who is he, what is he, where did he come from? Is he a creature of a foreign power? Is he a creep?

Is he dangerous? Is he smart, dumb, nice to his parents, real or put on? Crazy, sane, man, woman, robot? What is this?

- Are you there, David? Are you there, Mr. David Bowie?

- All people, no matter who they are, all wish they'd appreciated life more. It's what you do in life that's important, not how much time you have or what you wish you'd done. Life is fantastic.