‘Moon Knight’ Ends on High, ‘Ozark’ Still Dominates Streaming Chart

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As most of its Marvel counterparts on Disney+ have done, Moon Knight posted its best viewing time figures for the week of its finale. Netflix’s Ozark, meanwhile, spent another week atop the charts, far outdistancing anything else.

The six-episode Moon Knight racked up 715 million minutes of watch time from May 2 to 8, per Nielsen’s streaming rankings for the week. (The season finale debuted May 4.) That’s up from 681 million the previous week; the show grew in four of the five weeks after its March 30 debut, with only the smallest of dips (638 million minutes to 630 million) in its fourth week.

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The series as a whole racked up just under 3.7 billion minutes of watch time over its run, slotting in between The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (4.15 billion) and Hawkeye (3.46 billion) among Disney+’s Marvel shows.

Ozark had 3.33 billion minutes of viewing time for the week after its final episodes debuted, a 29 percent jump from the prior frame. That’s not as high as the 4.1 billion minutes the show totaled after the first half of its final season premiered in January, but it still ranks among the higher single-week tallies since Nielsen began releasing weekly streaming charts in September 2020.

Grace and Frankie also got a boost in the full week after its final episodes premiered, rising from 701 million to 880 million minutes. The longest-running Netflix original series finished second overall in the rankings, with Moon Knight in third place.

Amazon’s Prime Video claimed two spots among the top 10 original streaming series, with Outer Range (425 million minutes) coming in fourth place and The Wilds (262 million) in 10th for the week of its season two premiere.

Nielsen’s streaming ratings cover viewing on TV sets only and don’t include minutes watched on computers or mobile devices. The ratings only measure U.S. audiences, not those in other countries, and currently only include Apple TV+, Disney+, Hulu, Netflix and Prime Video.

Nielsen’s top streaming series for May 2-8 are below.

Original Series

1. Ozark (Netflix), 3.33 billion minutes viewed
2. Grace and Frankie (Netflix), 880 million
3. Moon Knight (Disney+), 715 million
4. Outer Range (Prime Video), 425 million
5. Selling Sunset (Netflix), 360 million
6. Bullsh*t: The Game Show (Netflix), 345 million
7. Meltdown: Three Mile Island (Netflix), 325 million
8. Bridgerton (Netflix), 287 million
9. The Circle (Netflix), 270 million
10. The Wilds (Prime Video), 262 million

Acquired Series

1. Cocomelon (Netflix), 701 million minutes
2. Criminal Minds (Netflix), 523 million
3. Heartland (Netflix), 511 million
4. NCIS (Netflix), 501 million
5. Better Call Saul (Netflix), 379 million
6. Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix), 373 million
7. Supernatural (Netflix), 343 million
8. Gilmore Girls (Netflix), 300 million
9. The Fairly OddParents (Netflix), 299 million
10. New Girl (Netflix), 286 million

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