A Month After HBO Max Launched, Why Is It Still Not on Roku or Amazon?

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HBO Max remains off of the two most-used streaming platforms in the country more than a month after its launch. The impasse between WarnerMedia and Roku and Amazon Fire TV is indicative of the evolving fight between those who make the content and those who distribute it. Carriage disputes between programmers and distributors are nothing new. TV providers such as Dish and Comcast have routinely engaged in a war of words — and sometimes have dropped channels — with providers like Disney and CBS. But streaming is an entirely new battlefield, with platforms like Roku and Fire TV becoming the main distributors. And legacy media companies like WarnerMedia and Disney are streaming newcomers with everyone seeking to challenge Netflix. None of the three companies would comment on the state of talks or say what the current impasse is over. Analysts agree that it probably harms HBO Max as it seeks to find its footing more than Roku and Amazon, which have built their businesses and subscriber bases over the past few years. Also Read: HBO Max in July: Here's Everything Coming and Going But everyone is waiting to see how this new carriage fight plays out. Between the two of them,...

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