Monte Taylor (‘The Challenge: USA’) on his 3-hour arena battle with Tyler: ‘It was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done’ [Exclusive Video Interview]

Monte Taylor became the eighth contestant eliminated from “The Challenge: USA” on Thursday night, following his loss to Tyler in the arena. In the game “Too Cool for Spool,” players were each strapped to a spool and then raced to a stack of balls shaped in a pyramid. Their goal was to recreate that pyramid on top of their spool. It may sound simple, but this grueling task took nearly three hours before Tyler finally completed it, sending Monte home. Watch our exclusive video interview with the eliminated contestant above.

“It was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done,” he reveals. “It took so much determination and patience. While you’re going through this, there’s a cable you’re attached to that has a counter-weight, so it is a physically exerting exercise to walk from the spool to the balls and bring them up to the spool and stack them up. It was cool to have Tyler there because we would kind of encourage each other…but it was also emotionally conflicting because you know that you’re going to take out your closest ally regardless of what happens. One of you is going home.”

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Throughout the season players from “Survivor” have slowly aimed their target at “Big Brother,” taking their eyes off “Challenge” vets. “That initiative to take the vets out sort of fractured after Desi was nominated by the Red Team,” Monte explains. “You saw in that deliberation, Josh was going crazy about making sure his people weren’t put up, but was very adamant about Desi being put up. There were opportunities for folks to save one another. Tiffany might have been able to save Desi in that situation. Dusty might have been able to save Luis, so there were a lot of people backing out and not stepping up to protect one another and force another vets nomination. Once that kind of fell through the cracks, me and Tyler started noticing how ‘Survivor’ was moving a little bit different. They didn’t trust us as much after that point. We noticed they never voted for each other. The eight people from ‘Big Brother’ were throwing shots at each other from the dawn of time. We were clearly fractured.”

When asked who he believes is playing the best game so far, Monte says, “Josh was in the sweetest spot throughout the entire game. Him and [Faysal]. The nature of them having the relationship with the vets, but then also coming from ‘Big Brother,’ they never really caught any attention from us because of that connection. They also had the vets on their side. I would say Josh was playing the best game and the most comfortable.”

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