‘Monday Night Football’ Bests MLB’s ALCS Game 7 for This Week’s Highest TV Rating | Charts

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With the MLB’s World Series kicking off Friday night, the ALCS finale matchup between the Rangers and the Astros was a formidable opponent against ABC’s “Monday Night Football” for this week’s highest TV rating. But NFL fans still took the win.

As audiences tuned in to watch the Minnesota Vikings deliver a 22-17 victory over the San Francisco 49ers Monday, the game scored 10.20 million viewers on ABC and received a 1.98 rating in the key broadcast demographic among adults 18-49, according to Nielsen live-plus-same-day figures. The Vikings vs. 49ers game marked this week’s most-watched and highest-rated weeknight primetime programming from last Friday to this Thursday, per TheWrap’s weekly broadcast TV ratings breakdown.

The MLB game took a close second place in terms of both ratings and total viewership as it garnered a total viewership of 6.77 million and scored a 1.64 rating during its Fox airing.

This week’s highest rated programs across broadcast TV (TheWrap)

Sports programming dominated this week’s top-rated programs with ABC’s “Monday Night Football” kickoff taking third place with a 0.84 score, and WWE’s “Friday Night Smackdown” on Fox taking fifth place with a 0.59 score.

As usual, reality TV staples held down the top-rated programs of the week, with Wednesday’s episode of “Survivor” on CBS coming in fourth place with a 0.73 rating, while Monday’s airing of “The Voice” on NBC took the No. 6 spot on the list with a rating of 0.56. Next up was ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” and “The Golden Bachelor” in the seventh and eighth spots on the list, respectively, with a 0.53 rating and a 0.52 rating.

Fox’s Wednesday airing of “The Masked Singer” and CBS’ Thursday airing of “Big Brother” tied for the last spot on the list with a rating of 0.48.

In terms of total viewers, after “Monday Night Football” and the MLB game locked down the week’s two highest-rated programs, Monday’s new episode of “The Voice” scored the third highest total viewership of the week with 6.46 million viewers, and the “Monday Night Football” kickoff took fourth place with 5.61 million viewers.

Like this week’s top-rated programs, unscripted shows dominated the rest of the most-watched list, with the Wednesday airing of “Survivor” drawing in 5.03 million total viewers as the No. 5 most-watched program.

This week’s most-viewed programs across broadcast TV (TheWrap)

Tuesday’s episode of “The Voice” took the sixth spot on the list with 4.99 million viewers while “Dancing with the Stars” took seventh place with 4.73 million viewers. ABC programs comprised the last three spots on the list with “The Golden Bachelor” scoring eighth place with 4.42 million viewers, “Celebrity Jeopardy!” taking ninth place with 3.88 million viewers and an ABC repeat locking down 10th place with a total viewership of 3.74 million.

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