Monarch: Legacy of Monsters: Every Kaiju Confirmed in the Series So Far

Monarch Legacy of Monsters kaiju
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Monarch: Legacy of Monsters is among the highly anticipated streaming shows of November as it continues to expand the MonsterVerse even further. We’ve already seen several titans in the MonsterVerse so far, but Monarch will introduce us to many other Kaiju. Here’s a list of every titan confirmed for the Monarch series.

All Kaiju confirmed for Monarch: Legacy of Monsters


As most would be aware, Gojira, aka Godzilla, was the first character to show up in the live-action MonsterVerse. It made his debut in 2015’s Godzilla and continued to appear in other projects including Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Godzilla vs. Kong. Now, as per the first trailer of Monarch, Gojira is ready to aid the organization against other dangerous Kaiju.

Mother Longlegs

The exclusive opening clip of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters showcases the return of Bill Randa’s John Goodman. We see him escaping the gigantic spider called Mother Longlegs, aka Arachnida Acidosasa and Bamboo Spider. It was first seen in Kong: Skull Island. Now as the Monarch series revisits Skull Island, Mother Longlegs makes a return to deliver an intense Kaiju battle.


As John Goodman runs away from Mother Longlegs in the above clip, he is saved by a crab-like Kaiju called Mantleclaw. It was first seen in Godzilla vs. Kong and makes a comeback in the Monarch series. Its gigantic claws and the ability to burrow beneath Earth’s mantle make its name self-explanatory.


The first trailer of Monarch showcased the eggs of an insectoid superspecies known as Endoswarmers hatching. Not much is known about them yet. But their sheer number could prove to be dangerous for humans as they might be successful where the MUTOs failed.


Skrullcrawlers and the Skulldevil made their debut in Kong: Skull Island. While they don’t physically appear in the Monarch series, the carcass of a dead Skullcrawler is seen when John Goodman escapes Mother Longlegs while running on the rocky shoreline.

Unidentified Monsters

A tentacle-mouthed snow titan and a gigantic winged bat-like titan have also been spotted in the trailers. But their official names are yet to be revealed.

Besides these seven monsters, we can be sure that the Monarch series will include easter eggs and cameos from several others.

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