Mom unscrews kitchen sink drain and makes 'gross' discovery

A mom has gone viral for sharing her deep-cleaning sink discovery, and TikTokers are running to their kitchens!. Mom and TikToker, Emmy Rachelle (@..emmy.m), was horrified when she decided to unscrew her kitchen sink drain — and her shocking discovery has now gained over 1.8M views. The video — the inspiration for which Emmy credits to TikToker @cleanwithnessa — shows the mom using a fork to unscrew her kitchen sink drain. Once she pulls out the screw and drain cover, she makes the yucky discovery: the mouth of the drain is covered in a think, slimy-looking black goo. But with a little elbow grease and some heavy scrubbing, Emmy's sink is looking spick and span by the end of her now-viral video!. Thousands of TikTokers rushed to the comment section — and their kitchens — after watching Emmy's video. "Yikes I’ve never checked this!" one user wrote. But some users were unsure about Emmy's cleaning hack, and thought it might be better left to a professional. "You need to use a silicone seal when you put it back. Be careful, you will get a leak and cause damage," one user warned