Mom Searches for Mystery ‘Angel’ Who Saved Her Life


A simple tire blowout turned one mom’s ride with her two kids into a frightening brush with death when her car flipped, leaving her seriously injured on the side of the highway. While several passersby stopped to help, driver Jessica Shaw credits one man with saving her life — and she has no idea who he is.

“If it weren’t for him, I would have lost my life,” she told local news station KENS5 on Wednesday. “My kids would have lost their mother.”

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The man, dressed in blue scrubs with a stethoscope around his neck, can be spotted crouching by Shaw’s side in a photo that was taken at the scene of the accident in March near San Antonio. Even Shaw’s 4-year-old daughter remembers the kind stranger. “I was saying, ‘Mom you were in the grass, that’s the doctor, that’s the helicopter,’” the little girl said during the interview.


And Shaw believes she saw the mystery doctor a second time when he came to see her at University Hospital in San Antonio, where she was undergoing her eighth surgery stemming from the accident. “He told me he didn’t think I was going to make it and he can’t believe how much I have progressed,” Shaw said.

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Unfortunately, she didn’t get his name then either (admitting that, at this point, all she knows about him is that English is not his first language), and it’s unclear whether or not he works at the hospital where she was treated. Yahoo Parenting could not reach Shaw for comment.

While Shaw continues to recover from the accident, working on regaining the use of both her right arm and her right leg, she also hopes to connect with her “guardian angel” by searching the Internet and speaking out publicly.


Jessica Shaw’s daughter, who was in the car crash and remembers the kind stranger. (Photo: KENS5)

Whether she’ll find the man who helped her remains to be seen, but others in similar situations have had luck being reunited with their heroes even decades later. In 2013 a New Jersey woman got to thank the lifeguard who saved her from drowning off a New York beach almost 50 years earlier, when she was just 5. More recently, a pregnant woman who was caught on camera dangling from a window outside of Paris’s Bataclan concert hall after escaping ISIS gunmen in the November terrorist attacks took to Twitter to find the man who pulled her to safety, ostensibly saving her life along with the life of her unborn baby. Thanks to the magic of social media, she found him a few days after the attacks.

Shaw is confident she’ll soon reach the man she’s looking for. “I am hoping that maybe he’ll see this and he’ll know how much me and my kids are blessed because we had a true angel watching over us,” she told the station. “I can never give you the gift of life you have given me.”

Maybe not, but knowing how thankful Shaw is that her kids still have their mom is probably a pretty amazing gift for the mysterious good Samaritan. Hopefully he receives it.

(Top photo: KENS5)

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