Mom Says She’s Overwhelmed Raising Teen Daughters, Doesn’t Know What To Do

Maria says she’s having “a lot of issues” with her teen daughters, Aly, 19, and Alayna,16. “My oldest daughter, Aly, has borderline personality disorder, and it has affected everybody in the family,” Maria says. “My youngest daughter, Alayna, feels that I have focused all my time with Aly, and I completely ignored her.” Maria admits that she has spent most of her time helping Aly while her daughters were growing up, and says that even though she’s tried everything, Aly knows how to “get under” her skin. And, Maria says that Alayna, whom she always thought of as her “perfect child,” seems angry and lost, is failing classes, and vapes – and she doesn’t know why she’s so out of control. “I feel very overwhelmed as a parent. I feel like I’m losing control because they are overtaking my mental health,” Maria says. “I want to know how to keep my own sanity while handling my daughters' issues.” On Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, "'My 'Good' Daughter is Now Bad'," see why Alayna says her childhood was "like a living hell." Check local listings to see where you can watch. WATCH: Teen Claims Mom Told Her She Drinks Because Of Her And Her Sister TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Do you have a hopeless mother or daughter conflict?