This Mom Is Concerned Neighbors Will Give Away 'Cheap' Halloween Candy

Warning About Candy Went Viral

Some folks have way too much time on their hands.

A woman in Rancho Cucamonga, California, has put out a plea on social media for her fellow neighbors to not put out "cheap candy" on Halloween.

@bestofnextdoor posted the message from a "neighborhood watch" page for Rancho Cucamonga, in which the writer said their community was just too good for certain sweets.

“Dum Dums, Smarties, and Jolly Ranchers may be suitable for Ontario, Fontana and even Montclair but not here in Rancho Cucamonga. We are an affluent neighborhood and this status should be reflected in our candy provisions for Halloween.”

Calling out good, innocent candies for being "cheap" is a low blow.

Bitter Message

She says she's noticed the candy selection in her neighborhood has gotten "diluted with cheap candy" and detailed what people should do.

The sour message quickly went viral, with many disagreeing with her rules, such as neighbors should only give out full-size bars of candy.

It's Always Fun To Get Free Money

This woman is even calling out elderly folks who give change at Halloween, saying they should "stop peddling your pennies and step up your game this Halloween."

Listen. Kids will clearly take candy as well as non-candy items like money, because they could take that money and buy more candy.

Lay Off the Peeps; They're Good People

According to her, Peeps, those lovable sugar-encrusted marshmallow treats in the shapes of bunnies, ducks and other animals, should in no way make their appearance in kids' Halloween treat bags.

"I hope everyone in the neighborhood buys just Peeps," said @sugarcubedog in response.

This Person Has Nothing Better To Do

It was later revealed that the woman posted the message as a joke.

"This is a joke, stolen from another city's page, changed to Rancho Cucamonga with some added [flair]. Hope you laughed. And if you started to get pissed, well good! It got me too! LOL!!" the woman wrote on Facebook.

People weren't so sure this was all in good fun, and tweeted appropriate responses to the ridiculous message.

"Someone’s house is gonna get TPd this year," wrote @GordonWerner.

"Imagine being married to this person," said @moniquemadrid.