Mom captures the emotional moment her nervous son makes a friend on first day of school

A sweet back-to-school moment is going viral on TikTok — . and teaching adults that making friends doesn't always have to be complicated. Mom and TikToker @brooklynlikethebridge gained nearly 3 million views and 10,000 comments... when she uploaded the touching video with the caption, "His first day of in person learning". In the video, we see Brooklyn's son walking ahead of her towards the crosswalk, ready to cross to his school. "He was so worried he wouldn’t make friends at real school," Brooklyn says in on-screen text. Suddenly, a voice across the way catches her son's attention. "This boy yelled, ‘Hey I have the same shirt, wanna hang out?’" Brooklyn explains. We then see the two boys happily walk together into their school, instantly becoming BFFs — much to Mom's relief. Thousands of people rushed to Brooklyn's comment section to share their emotional reactions. "Why can’t making friends in your 30’s be this simple?" asked one user