Mom, aunt and grandmother accused of fighting North Carolina students

High School
High School

Last week, the Greensboro Police Department arrested three women in connection to a fight with students at Grimsley High School in North Carolina. According to Demorshea Sims, 21, she went to the campus with her sister Laquita Sims, 31, and mother Tracy Sims, 49, to bring her niece lunch.

Demorshea claimed that as the family arrived, her niece was already engaged in a fight with other students, and the Sims were attempting to break it up. Greensboro police said the Sims arrived at the school around 12:40 p.m on Nov. 3. A report adds that Laquita assaulted a teacher who attempted to stop the physical altercation. “The adults encouraged the fighting while it happened. A teacher tried stopping one of the fights and Laquita Sims assaulted the teacher for interfering,” Greensboro Police said in a press release obtained by local news station WXII 12.

Authorities from the department shared that the teacher is expected to recover. The three women were taken into police custody without further incident. After fighting on the school campus, the adults in the Sims family were charged with conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor, two counts of simple assault, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, trespassing, inciting a riot and assault on a school official. Their bond was set at $100,000.

By Friday (Nov. 4), at least one of the women had their price reduced. Laquita was released after her bond was reset to $2,500. Local news station WGHP 8 spoke with Demorshea around 6:15 p.m. that evening after she was also released from the Guilford County Detention Center. The 21-year-old claimed her niece was being bullied and school officials did nothing to protect the child. “It is crazy how things went down. It wasn’t supposed to go down that way at all, but… stuff happens,” Demorshea told the outlet.