Molly Ringwald Reveals Doctor Aboard Airplane Saved Her Father's Life After Emergency Landing

Molly Ringwald Reveals Airline Saved Her Father's Life

Molly Ringwald is giving thanks to Southwest Airlines after her father narrowly survived a life-threatening medical emergency onboard a recent flight.

“We all love to publicly vent against airlines but today I would like to thank Southwest Airlines and the doctor who happened to be onboard,” she wrote on Twitter Thursday. “They emergency landed the plane for my dad. Because of their speed and professionalism, my father’s life was saved.”

Southwest Airlines replied to Ringwald’s tweet, writing, “Molly, we are so happy to hear that your father was taken care of by our Crew today. We would love to followup further so that we can recognize our Crew.”

The actress, 50, and airline did not immediately return PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Ringwald’s dad is well-known jazz pianist Robert Scott “Bob” Ringwald, who happens to be blind. The Pretty in Pink star has recorded her own solo jazz albums and has also collaborated with her dad and his band, the Fulton Street Jazz Band.

“She used to sing with us until a couple of years ago,” Ringwald’s dad told the Los Angeles Times in 1989. “Now she’s too busy. Her next film should be out this summer. It’s called ‘Loser Takes All.’ “

“There was nobody really in my generation that sang the kind of music that I sang, and I realize it gave me this backbone,” Ringwald previously told The Stranger about her dad’s musical influence.

“But my tastes in jazz tend to be a lot more modern than my father’s. He is of the traditional era, but he gave me an incredible education that a lot in my generation do not have,” she added.

Before becoming a teen icon with 1984’s Sixteen Candles, Ringwald relied on her musical talents for work in show business, recording tracks on two Disney albums.