Mogul Productions Partners with Trace Network Labs to Provide Film Fans Their Own Avatars for the Metaverse

Real life Avatars to be created via NFTs for film fans so they can attend virtual film premieres.

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / June 24, 2022 / Mogul Productions partners with Trace Network Labs to drive engagement within the entertainment industry and drive quality experiences within the Metaverse.

Trace Network Labs are a completely decentralized protocol that enables the creation of lifestyle products for any multichain metaverse. Trace and their innovative technology have the ability for users to create real lookalike "BUDDY" avatars for individual people that are represented in the form of an NFT. In addition to the "BUDDY" avatars, there is also the option to elevate your character's style via digital wearables such as jackets and accessories.

Mogul Productions has worked with top Hollywood talent, including Academy Award winning actress Julianne Moore alongside other stars such as David Koechner and Chaz Bono. They have helped launch several feature films and act as a launch pad for filmmakers to finance their productions via NFT and DeFi products. Films they have helped finance, such as "Bonded" featuring star Jason Patric, will be showcased in the Metaverse alongside other high profile pieces to be announced in the coming months.

The Mogul community will soon be able to mint their own NFTs and bring that avatar into a variety of virtual experiences, such as film premieres and events in Mogul's Metaverse cinemas. There will also be the opportunity for users to obtain Mogul branded wearables that will unlock certain utility aspects and special "Behind The Scenes" experiences.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Mogul and bring the element of motion picture experiences to the burgeoning community of BUDDY avatars. This partnership will leverage the individual expertise of Mogul in the movie space and Trace's focus on enabling experiences for the BUDDY avatars in the metaverse. This partnership is aimed to extend the world of experiences for the BUDDY population to multiple metaverses where Mogul productions will be launching movies shows etc. We are looking forward to working with Team Mogul to bring newer experiences like - 1st cut trailers, special premieres, movies for BUDDY holders and more," says Lokesh Rao, Co-Founder & CEO, of Trace Network Labs.

"As Mogul continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with how fans engage in film and entertainment, we are thrilled to partner up with Trace to leverage their incredible product to give our community the ability to take their virtual experiences to a whole new level," says Jake Fraser, Head of Business Development at Mogul.

"BUDDY" NFT Mint passes for the Mogul community will be issued soon alongside further rewards and whitelisting information for the wearable NFTs which will be available on both Trace and Mogul, giving both communities access to special perks to get further involved with a variety of amazing Metaverse experiences.

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Mogul Productions is revolutionizing film financing, allowing a global audience of fans to participate in the financing of movies and other forms of entertainment through NFT sales. Mogul's NFT marketplace serves as a bridge between the NFT arena and the world of entertainment financing. It's a platform for film fans, by film fans, empowering users to take an active role in the script-to-screen process. Access Pass holders get even more insider benefits and perks, including access to exclusive events held around Mogul-produced film releases.

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