Modern Warfare 3 players want this $70 weapon skin so bad that the bag you need to buy to unlock it is sold out

 Activision/LegoUnlocked via Twitter.
Activision/LegoUnlocked via Twitter.

A Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 weapon skin that can only be unlocked by shelling out $70 for a bag has become so popular that it's already sold out.

The recent tweet below is causing a stir among the Call of Duty community. The player shows off a '$70' weapon skin, known in-game as the 'Royalty Tiger' weapon skin that glows so brightly you've got to wonder why anyone would want one in the first place.

It turns out this is only half the story. You can only get this in-game Modern Warfare 3 weapon skin by shelling out $60 for the 'Call of Duty Task Force 141 Crossbody Sling Bag' through the official Call of Duty store. However, that figure becomes around $70 when you factor in shipping charges.

What's even wilder about this whole ordeal is that the bag is sold out and has been for a fair while now. That means the $70 weapon skin is in high demand among the Modern Warfare 3 player base. Either that or Activision produced a weirdly small amount of the bags.

We now see players selling and attempting to buy the Royalty Tiger weapon skin online. You can see one example of a player claiming to be selling a code for the weapon skin just below and elsewhere online. You can find a lot of Reddit users asking for sellers to step forward so they can barter for a code.

Modern Warfare 3 might've gone down like a lead balloon so far with players around the world, but that doesn't mean there aren't those out there who'll happily shell out north of $70 for a weapon skin. Read up on our own Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 review to see why this year's entry isn't going down well.

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