MMJ BioPharma Cultivation Makes DEA Growing Marijuana Innovative Advances

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WESTERLY, RI / ACCESSWIRE / July 18, 2022 / MMJ BioPharma Cultivation, a DEA API Bulk Manufacturer applicant to grow marijuana has recently deployed an innovative precision cultivation equipment. With this innovative cultivation technology MMJ BioPharma Cultivation will be able to reproduce multiple, quality strain specific cannabis plants, to meet the DEA's definition of chemical reproducibility of quality marijuana.

MMJ International Holdings, Monday, July 18, 2022, Press release picture
Duane Boise President, Dr. Elio Mariani CEO, Kevin Brett VP, Tim Moynahan Chair - MMJ Team Strategy Meeting

MMJ BioPharma Cultivation Quality of Marijuana

The DEA has received a number of comments that expressed concerns about the quality of marijuana that will be produced under the DEA's new rule.

Issue: Some commenters stated that the current quality of marijuana produced for Federal research is of poor quality.

Response: The purpose of this rule is to increase the number and variety of marijuana growers in order to diversify the supply available to researchers. As proposed in the NPRM and finalized in the rule, one of the DEA's selection criteria for marijuana grower applicants is the‘‘applicant's ability to consistently produce and supply cannabis of a high quality and defined chemical composition.''

Scientific breakthroughs and new research now underway at MMJ BioPharma Cultivation will ensure that schedule 1 DEA approved researchers will soon be able to obtain their cannabis products for clinical trials.

Duane Boise, president of MMJ stated "the growing equipment has sophisticated monitoring devices that collects an unprecedented amount of data analytics. Having the ability to collect this data about the growing process of the plant will allow MMJ analyst the ability to dial in the specific formula for the same scientific outcomes in clinical trials".

Dr. Elio Mariani CEO and chief science officer mentioned " this is a bold financial move on behalf of the company because we are still awaiting the DEA to issue MMJ's registration to grow pharmaceutical grade marijuana. We expect the companies issue with the DEA will be soon resolved."

MMJ has filed suit against the DEA for dragging their feet on the matter of not issuing the registration in a timely manner. Currently, MMJ BioPharma is nearing completion of its state-of-the-art, marijuana center of excellence," stated the firm in a press release.

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