MJF Names Who He Believes Is The Future Of The Wrestling Business

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling
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It is safe to say that one of the wrestlers to have risen to the top in rapid speed was Maxwell Jacob Friedman. MJF started as a heel and now has grown to become a fan-favorite star. Recently, the self-proclaimed Salt of The Earth shared his picks of who could be the future of the business.

In preparation of his title match at the Full Gear pay-per-view, The current AEW World Heavyweight Champion went to get some treatment with Dr. Beau Hightower. During his session, MJF shared his thoughts on whom he thinks could be the future of the company.

According to him, former ROH Pure champion Daniel Garcia is highly talented. But he wished that he parted ways with Cool Hand Angelo Parker and Matt Menard.

“I just wrestled him on TV for the World Title. I think Daniel Garcia is a hell of a talent,” MJF stated. “He’s just got to get the f*ck away from people that are giving him bad advice like Cool Hand Ange and Daddy Magic.”

Friedman also has high hopes for former FTW Champion Hook.

“I believe in Hook wholeheartedly. I think every single time I see Hook, he’s getting better in the ring and he’s also getting more comfortable in front of a live audience. Which, frankly is the hardest part of the job. And I think that’s why I skyrocketed so fast, because it was never an issue for me. But I watch that dude Hook, d he walks through that curtain, and you would think he’s been a professional wrestler for 30 years. That’s how much confidence that guy has. Nothing shakes that dude,” MJF said.

MJF also retained his title at Full Gear.

Do you agree with MJF? Who do you think is the future of professional wrestling?

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