MJF: Adam Cole Is My Best Friend, He’s Made Me A Better Person

MJF Adam Cole AEW All In
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AEW World Champion MJF says Adam Cole is his best friend, and he describes how Cole has helped make him a better person.

MJF and Cole have formed a dynamic on-screen friendship in recent months, and they headlined AEW All In. They also won the ROH World Tag Team Championship at the show.

Speaking in a Town Hall interview with Dave LaGreca for Busted Open ahead of AEW All In, MJF discussed his friendship with Adam Cole.

“I feel like people think like, me and Adam Cole,” MJF said. “We like hang out in TV and then like, okay, like by either like he goes home. I talk to this dude every day. He’s my brother. I’ve never met somebody more caring, more supportive, more warm, and most of all, like more trustworthy. I’ve never really been able to trust anybody. Unfortunately, I have RSD I think I’ve if anybody doesn’t know what it is, it’s rejection sensitive disorder.

“It makes it essentially what’s going to happen today, which is sad, is I’m going to leave this room. Just because this is the way my brain is wired, it doesn’t matter how much therapy I have. I’m gonna leave this room and I’m gonna go well, they all hate me. Which is why it made it so easy for me to be a piece of shit for my entire career. It made it so hard for me to let my my guard down.”

MJF: Adam Cole Helped Me Let My Guard Down

MJF went on to describe how Cole helped him let his guard down. He stated that Cole has helped make him a better person, and Cole is his best friend.

“But Adam Cole taught me how to let my guard down,” MJF said. “He’s made me a better person, and that’s the God’s honest truth. So the fact that I get to share that this moment in history with somebody who is people love to use the word shoot, but somebody who’s like shoot my best friend. I love the dude.

“It’s crazy and sure we have up and downs just like any other friends do. Sometimes want to hit him in the fucking face with this ring. Sometimes he wants to super kick my jaw off, but at the end of the day, we always hug it out. I’m gonna beat you Adam. But we’ll hug it out.”

Indeed, MJF and Cole hugged it out after their match at AEW All In. The duo will defend the ROH World Tag Team Championship against John Silver and Alex Reynolds at AEW All Out. WrestleZone will have coverage of the show as it airs.

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