‘Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One’ Lights Fuse With $235M Global Bow; ‘Elemental’, ‘Indy 5’ & ‘Insidious’ Hit New Milestones – International Box Office

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SUNDAY UPDATE: Paramount/Skydance’s Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One lit the fuse this weekend with a $235M global start. Of that, $155M is from 70 international box office markets which rep 93% of the offshore footprint (Japan is notably still to come).

Excluding China, where there were strong headwinds from local pics and amid contracted audience interest in Hollywood movies, the overseas debut on the Tom Cruise-starrer is $129.6M. On a like-for-like basis including previews, that’s 15% ahead of Mission: Impossible Fallout which would make this the biggest opening for the franchise when removing the PRC. There, the launch was $25.4M, which is 66% below Fallout which released in what was a different time in the market.

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Overall overseas, this is the biggest opening weekend in the M:I franchise in 35 markets including the UK, Australia/New Zealand, Brazil, India, Netherlands and Scandinavia.

Domestically, Dead Reckoning Part One set a 5-day opening record for the franchise with $80M. As we noted yesterday (see below), given the numbers through Friday, we were seeing a full overseas debut in the $150M range which did come to pass with strong uptick on Saturday. It’s important to recall that there is plenty of play ahead with leg-out expected as is the case on Mission/Cruise movies (Japan loves Cruise and will get the movie this coming week, though there will be competition from Hayao Miyazaki’s latest). And, yes, there’s also overall ‘Barbenheimer‘ on deck, but the idea is that when the dust settles, there’s room for everyone.

Essentially the biggest drag here is that the hope was China would perform better, but there continues to be a disquieting atmosphere in the market with regard to studio movies. M:I7 is still seeing presales among the top three films for the next several days there. It’s maintained the 9.4 Maoyan audience score (a number which often shifts in early play), but the film, headscratchingly, lost screens across the weekend.

In IMAX globally, M:I7 grossed $25M for the franchise’s top start ever in the format and the second-best launch of 2023. The $14M coming from international is the biggest July debut for IMAX, best of the franchise and third-highest for a Paramount movie; in total, 53 markets saw their best franchise bow including UK, France, Germany, Spain, UAE, India, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mexico and Brazil.

Also in IMAX, Toho’s The Boy and the Heron (aka How Do You Live?), from Japanese maestro Hayao Miyazaki, set a new 3-day IMAX opening weekend record in Japan with $1.7M from 44 screens. Per comScore, the overall weekend was $13.2M with Monday a holiday.

Before we dig into the individual market nuts and bolts of M:I7’s opening and its worldwide promotions, let’s note a couple of milestones amongst other films in play.

ELEMENTAL, Ember (voice: Leah Lewis), 2023. © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection
ELEMENTAL, Ember (voice: Leah Lewis), 2023. © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection

To wit: From Disney/Pixar, Elemental crossed $300M worldwide this session, rising to $311.7M. It’s been buoyed by great holds since release five weekends ago. This international session was down 23% (including increases in Argentina, Germany, Norway and elsewhere) for an added $28.2M in 51 material markets to lift overseas to $186.4M.

The Korea performance has been fiery with a soft dip to No. 2 behind Mission this weekend and a $32.6M cume to date. Behind it are Mexico ($16.4M), China ($15.7M), France ($11.9M) and Brazil ($10M). Japan is still to release, on August 4.

INSIDIOUS: THE RED DOOR, (aka INSIDIOUS 5), Patrick Wilson, 2023. ph: Nivole Rivelli / © Screen Gems / Courtesy Everett Collection
INSIDIOUS: THE RED DOOR, (aka INSIDIOUS 5), Patrick Wilson, 2023. ph: Nivole Rivelli / © Screen Gems / Courtesy Everett Collection

Sony/Stage 6 Films/Blumhouse’s Insidious: The Red Door is having a white-hot run in Southeast Asia, having become the highest grossing horror movie of all time in the Philippines with a $6M cume there. It opened No. 1 in both Indonesia ($3.8M) and Vietnam ($770K) this session which overall grossed $21.5M overseas to boost the international cume to $64.5M and the global take to $122.6M. There are still key markets to release including Korea and Spain later this week.

Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) in Lucasfilm’s Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. ©2022 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved.
Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) in Lucasfilm’s Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. ©2022 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved.

Disney/Lucasfilm’s Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny also crossed the $300M mark globally, now with $302.4M. It dipped by 47% in its third offshore weekend, with some majors showing strong holds: Germany (-22%), Japan (-35%), UK (-38%), Spain (-39%), France (-42%) and Australia (-43%). The international cume, after a $17M frame, is $157M.

The Top 5 markets are the UK ($21M), France ($15.1M), Japan ($12.8M), Germany ($9.9M) and Spain ($9.4M).

Turning back to Dead Reckoning Part One, a film whose promotional campaign was full tilt (see more detail below), the top market behind China was Korea at $14.3M on 599 screens (this is a bit softer than hoped for despite the market being Cruise-crazy and the star/producer’s appearance there during the worldwide tour; nevertheless, it’s the top opening weekend of the year for a Hollywood movie).

In the UK, $13.8M made for the best start for the franchise at 717 locations. India, for its part, launched with a No. 1 $9M at 1,872 locations for the best weekend bow of the year. In Australia, the No. 1 debut was good for $8.3M and the best-ever for the Mission movies. France launched M:I7 to $7.7M at 785 sites while Taiwan drove up $7M from just 101, the best of the bunch.

Rounding out the Top 10, Indonesia opened the film to No. 2 (behind Insidious), with $5.2M from 428 sites; the UAE gave the Christopher McQuarrie-directed installment a No. 1 start of $4.8M from 66; and Mexico grossed $4.5M from 910.

What’s a bit disappointing here is to see that Italy, while landing a No. 1 bow, came in with just $1.9M. The market is down overall versus pre-pandemic and is traditionally lamented as an impossible proposition to program during the summer. However, there’s a renewed effort by the government and the studios to encourage moviegoing in the season. Maybe it’s partly down to the searing temperatures in southern Europe this week, but it’s a bit of a shame given how much of Dead Reckoning was shot in both Rome and Venice which might have been expected to lend a sort of hometown pride (look at what Transformers: Rise of the Beasts has done in Peru off shooting locally – the movie is simply massive there, now at $14.2M through the current frame).

In any case, there’s nothing to ding about Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One’s global promotional splash and the tirelessness of its star/producer Cruise. We were at the stunning Rome world premiere on the Spanish Steps last month and it was simply epic.

(From L back row) British actor Cary Elwes, Canadian actor Henry Czerny, US actor Esai Morales, US actor Greg Tarzan Davis, British actor Simon Pegg, British actor Frederick Schmidt, US actor Shea Whigham (from L first row) Cuban, Italian and US actress Mariela Garriga, Swedish actress Rebecca Ferguson, British-US actress Hayley Atwell, US film director Christopher McQuarrie, US producer and actor <span class="caas-xray-inline caas-xray-entity caas-xray-pill rapid-nonanchor-lt" data-entity-id="Tom_Cruise" data-ylk="cid:Tom_Cruise;pos:1;elmt:wiki;sec:pill-inline-entity;elm:pill-inline-text;itc:1;cat:Actor;" tabindex="0" aria-haspopup="dialog"><a href="https://search.yahoo.com/search?p=Tom%20Cruise" data-i13n="cid:Tom_Cruise;pos:1;elmt:wiki;sec:pill-inline-entity;elm:pill-inline-text;itc:1;cat:Actor;" tabindex="-1" data-ylk="slk:Tom Cruise;cid:Tom_Cruise;pos:1;elmt:wiki;sec:pill-inline-entity;elm:pill-inline-text;itc:1;cat:Actor;" class="link ">Tom Cruise</a></span>, French actress Pom Klementieff and British actress Vanessa Kirby pose on the Spanish Steps ahead of the premiere of “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One” movie in Rome, on June 19, 2023. (Photo by Tiziana FABI / AFP) (Photo by TIZIANA FABI/AFP via Getty Images)

In terms of the full campaign, it launched in May 2022 with the teaser trailer running on Top Gun: Maverick, followed by a behind-the-scenes look at the film’s biggest stunt, the Norway Ramp Jump, in an in-theater IMAX exclusive featurette on Avatar: The Way of Water, followed by an online launch.

Five additional featurettes showcased the stunts and scope of the film, giving a behind-the-scenes peek at the Rome car chase, speed flying and train stunts, and filmmaking in Venice and Abu Dhabi.

The massive global tour, included the world premiere in Rome, followed by stops in London, Abu Dhabi, Seoul and Sydney. Hampered by the strike, Cruise was unable to travel to Japan as planned.

Notably, the Abu Dhabi run began with the unveiling of the Mission: Impossible branded Etihad plane at Abu Dhabi International Airport’s new Midfield Terminal; and the premiere was held at the beachfront Emirates Palace Hotel. International and Middle Eastern creators attended to amplify social with special TikTok content from four creators with a combined reach of 60M.

Seoul’s stop included a press conference, photo call, and a red-carpet premiere which took place at Lotte World Tower. Korean and Asian market creators attended the premiere to amplify social and positive word-of-mouth.

Sydney included a photocall in front of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House and culminated in a red carpet event which included Cruise lighting the fuse to kick-off a Mission: Impossible themed firework display over Sydney Harbour in honor of his birthday.

A 1-Hour Sky TV special running in the UK, Germany and Italy highlighted the key stunts of the entire franchise while focusing on Dead Reckoning Part One.

Out-of-home executions eventized the release, including stunt barricades, train wraps and murals. Media continued with high-impact placements in the UEFA Champions League, CONCACAF Gold Cup, MotoGP and F1 Silverstone.

International brand partnerships extended the campaign footprint significantly, including: Bose in France, BBVA in Mexico, Shell in Germany, 7-Eleven in Korea and Family Mart in Japan.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (SNY): $5.4M intl weekend (63 markets); $294.7M intl cume/$663.5M global
Transformers: Rise of the Beasts (PAR): $4M intl weekend (61 markets); $268.2M intl cume/$421M global
Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken (UNI): $2.6M intl weekend (68 markets); $19.8M intl cume/$34.2M global
No Hard Feelings (SNY): $2.2M intl weekend (54 markets); $31M intl cume/$77.6M global
Asteroid City (UNI): $1.2M intl weekend (38 markets); $17.1M intl cume/$43.4M global
Fast X (UNI): $948K intl weekend (84 markets); $558.7M intl cume/$704.7M global
The Super Mario Bros Movie (UNI): $1.5M intl weekend (81 markets); $770.5M intl cume/$1.344B global

PREVIOUS, SATURDAY UPDATE: Adding another swath of overseas markets on Friday, including the UK, China, Spain, Taiwan and Scandinavia, Paramount/Skydance’s Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One has reached a running international box office cume of $82.1M in 70 markets for $122.4M worldwide through yesterday.

This bodes a full overseas debut in the $150M range, give or take, with a $240M global bow including the domestic projections. It could come in slightly behind that, and either way would be below where we saw it coming into the frame. Anthony has run down some of the reasons for that domestically. The key here for opening weekend purposes is whether there is significant uptick on Saturday around the world for the Tom Cruise-starrer. And it’s important to recall that there is plenty of play ahead with leg-out expected (Japan is still to release next week – admittedly against the headwind of Hayao Miyazaki’s latest), but I’d wager that the trifecta of Mission with Barbie and Oppenheimer on deck, makes for a great cinemagoing opportunity across the board.

Looking more closely at M:I7‘s offshore Friday numbers, the take was $25.8M (the $82.1M running cume includes previews). Ever-the-swing China put M:I 7 in the No. 3 position on opening day Friday, behind strong local competition which is a trend we keep seeing in the PRC; and Mission has been losing screens because of this. The take there on Friday was $7.4M at 10,974 locations. Through Saturday (and not included in the international/global totals above) Dead Reckoning Part One is at an estimated $17.6M, up roughly 42% over Friday, and there’s been no slippage on the Maoyan 9.4 audience score. The ultimate launch will likely hover around $25M in China.

In Korea, a $4.3M Saturday (also not included above) has led to a running cume of $10.6M through today. The Friday-Saturday increase was a fantastic 130%.

The hope is that the Christopher McQuarrie-directed seventh installment follows this pattern in other markets with significant bumps on Saturday.

Among Friday openers, the UK led with a No. 1 $2.1M at 717 locations; the cume including paid previews is $7.2M. This is the biggest opening day in the franchise.

India opened at No. 1 on Friday grossing $1.3M at 1,872 locations. The cume including previews is $4.3M.

Taiwan opened on Friday at No. 1 grossing $695K at 101 locations. The cume including previews is $4.7M.

Among other markets, Australia has now grossed $5.9M, ranking No. 1; France’s total is $4.3M through Friday at No. 1; Indonesia rose to $4.1M; Hong Kong is at $3.1M through Friday; the UAE (which is featured in the film) reached $3.5M through Friday with the whole of the Middle East at $9.9M.

Rounding out notable markets through Friday are Germany ($1.9M running cume), Brazil ($1.9) Mexico ($1.8M cume), Netherlands ($1.3M), Malaysia ($1.1M) and Spain ($1.1M).

More to come on Sunday…

PREVIOUS, FRIDAY: Paramount/Skydance’s Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One is off and running overseas with a $39.8M cume through Thursday in 48 international box office markets. This includes Wednesday openings in some markets and a strong paid preview program. With domestic’s Wednesday/Thursday plus previews, that brings the global total on the Tom Cruise-starrer to $$63.6M through yesterday.

The mega well-reviewed Christopher McQuarrie-directed thrillfest is rolling out in 70 offshore markets this week, and adds the UK, China, Spain, Taiwan and Scandinavia today. Note that huge Cruise market Japan is going a week later to sidestep the launch of Hayao Miyazaki’s latest.

Through Thursday, the lead market on the action-packed installment is Korea at $4.4M including previews and in 1st place. Today it jumped by 44% vs yesterday to cume $6.3M so far (the Friday number is not included in the offshore/global totals above).

Also not included above is the China debut of RMB 56.2M ($7.9M) on Friday. In the market, the movie is carrying a franchise-best 9.4 score from audiences on Maoyan, and an 8.3 from critics on Douban vs Mission: Impossible – Fallout’s 8.1.

Elsewhere, and again through Thursday, Ethan Hunt and crew are at No. 1 in France with a $3.1M running cume from 785 cinemas – the Thursday gross was $920K. Australia added $570K on Thursday at 328 locations and ranked No. 1. The cume there including previews is $5.1M.

Mexico opened on Thursday to No. 1 with $660K at 990 cinemas for a $1M cume with previews. Germany also debuted Thursday with a No. 1 of $545K at 630 sites and has cumed $1.2M so far (also including previews).

Other running totals with previews include $2.8M in the UAE (the Middle East is at $7.7M as a region); Brazil with $1.4M; Italy at $660K; Hong Kong with $2.7M; Malaysia at $700K and Netherlands at $1M. The film is No. 1 in all of these markets.

We will have more news through the weekend…

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