Missing Florida Dog Found After 'Giant' Pet Turns Up at a Dollar General and Refuses to Leave

Missing Florida Dog Found After 'Giant' Pet Turns Up at a Dollar General and Refuses to Leave

A missing dog turned his time away from home into a shopping spree.

According to a June 9 Facebook post from Florida's Bradenton Police Department, Bentley, a 135-lb. dog, managed to break a gate at his home and wander off to a Dollar General store a few blocks away.

Bradenton police officers received a call about the canine after the pet remained inside the Dollar General for "a couple of hours."

"Earlier this week, Bradenton Police Officers responded to a call from the Dollar General on Manatee Ave. W. in reference to a giant dog that wouldn't leave - and they really needed to close the store. 135 lb. Bentley broke through a gate and walked a few blocks to the store, where he spent a couple of hours browsing. Clerks went about their business until they really needed to lock up!" the police department wrote on Facebook alongside a video of officers picking up the dog from the store.

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Lost dog found at dollar store
Lost dog found at dollar store

Bradenton Police Department/Facebook

The video the Bradenton Police Department shared shows Bentley contentedly roaming around the store and approaching the police offers with a wagging tail. At the end of the clip, Bentley's relieved owner arrives and picks up the pooch.

"Bentley's Dad realized he was missing and was grateful that the store, and officers, looked after him," the police department added on Facebook.

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Bentley is not the first canine to get comfortable at a Dollar General. In May 2021, a stray dog pawed into a North Carolina Dollar General and tried to take a unicorn stuffed animal. After the canine attempted to shoplift the plush several times, employees called Duplin County Animal Services for assistance.

Animal control officers arrived, bought the canine his coveted unicorn toy, and took him to a local shelter. The dog, now named Sisu, was later transferred to Lab Rescue LRCP for training before heading to a forever home.